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How to get job in Marketing Field?

How to get job in Marketing Field? There many other forms of marketing which are subtle and work in the back-end such as mailers, newsletters, articles in newspaper and magazines, UI development, graphic designing etc. Anything which helps to reach out to the potential customers is called marketing. Starting your career with marketing can be […]

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Student Competitions – A Way to Hire the Best and Spur Innovation!!

In today’s dynamic work environment the pressure on the staffing team have increased. There is always the requirement of high quality students who can be nurtured and retained. Old hunting grounds like campus recruitment, walk-in interviews and exhibitions are being abandoned for alternatives like student competitions. This is not just the academic credentials or the […]

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Internships……Should You Be Serious on it?

Internship, projects….ugh…..the sound of those words causes all students to flinch. But unfortunately, there’s just no way around it. You can’t graduate from college without completing these. Now let’s be honest. How many of us have actually seriously done the internships or projects? Go out in the name of internship and just get a namesake […]

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