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What to do after 12th!! Humanities or Arts???

What to do after 12th!! Humanities or Arts???

“The humanities—including the study of languages, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, comparative religion, ethics, and the arts—are disciplines of memory and imagination, telling us where we have been and helping us envision where we are going.”

The Heart of the Matter (Report of the American Academy of Arts & Science’s Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences to the U. S. Congress in June 2013)

As the definition suggest that humanities is such a broad classification of various subjects, actually say various interesting subjects. So if you are not so much into technical stuff or mathematics. Don’t worry humanities and arts are the best thing which will happen in your life...

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What to do after 12th? Science!!!

What to do after 12th? Science!!!

Confusion Confusion?? What to do after 12th ?

Before 12th life is so easy. No? You will understand when you’ll go to college. So, Science?? Nice. You have a basic knowledge of Physics, chemistry and Maths or Biology. Yeah, that’s basic only. Now you need to learn more and more. So What I will suggest is to take a deep breathe and understand what you like and which subject you are good at. Once you will understand, you can easily decide your goals.  You know those days are gone when you only had few choices, engineer or doctor or prepare for government jobs. Now there are so many jobs and so many fields out there, which you should explore according to your choice.

Some of the choices I am writing about, if any of them make you feel that, Yes, this is s...

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How to get job in Marketing Field?

How to get job in Marketing Field?

There many other forms of marketing which are subtle and work in the back-end such as mailers, newsletters, articles in newspaper and magazines, UI development, graphic designing etc. Anything which helps to reach out to the potential customers is called marketing. Starting your career with marketing can be a kick start to your future. Before starting you career in marketing you should know following things:

1.Understand Consumer Psychology:

Understanding consumer psychology is not a very easy task. You can never know which idea will work on your consumer and which not. So for that research and study of your potential market is done. Sometimes trial and error strategy can also be applied if your product is completely new in the market.

Consumer psychology

Consumer psychology

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What is marketing & how to get jobs in marketing sector?

What is marketing and how to get jobs in marketing sector?

Marketing is an art in which you put your idea to improve your company’s profile and increase the selling of your company. You make strategies in this field, you can relate it to the advertising too. Advertising is also a type of marketing in which you advertise your product to the market. Marketing are of so many types, it’s not only related to corporate marketing, there are various marketing fields too. Such as:

1. Corporate Marketing:

Corporate marketing or branding is the way by which an organisation attracts the potential customers by various strategies such as advertising, message, campaigns etc. These strategies help them to increase their brand value and help them to thrive in the market.

2. Social media marketing:

If y...

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Smart Way to Crack Govt Exam and Obtain a Government Job


About Government Jobs

Getting a government job is something equivalent to get a secured life. These days’ youngsters are well determined and work towards getting a government job. Even experienced workers in other fields are more interested and give preference to government jobs. There is no cease for government job recruitment in India. There are ample government companies throughout India where recruitment goes on each year. Many government departments these days are which are in need of large number of manpower. The salaries in government jobs are the best with enhanced allowances and hence government jobs are considered best and more and more people are interested.


Government companies and eligibility criteria’s

There are number of government jobs and job roles where eligibili...

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How to make your profile on 100% complete?

Your profile % plays a critical role when recruiters search our database to find suitable candidates, so having 100% completed profile could make a difference in your shortlisting, to make it easy for you in completion of your profile to be 100% I have come up with a % wise break up of fields that can help you build a great resume using platform.

Profile Completion %

SI No Field Percentage
First Name
Last Name
Mobile No
City Id
Highest Course Id
Highest Branch Id
Highest Aggregate Marks
Highest State Id
Highest Institute Id
Highest University Id
Xiith Marks
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Placement Prep Services from

We @, being in the fresher hiring industry for the past 10 years understands the need by both the campuses and corporate for a successful recruitment. The scenario now can be best described as “the corporates are levelling up their hiring standards and the colleges are trying to find ways to achieve it “.

Aptitude Tests one of the preliminary elimination methods, which is now executed by many companies, online to filter the junk even without coming to a campus. As the pioneer in the freshers hiring industry Freshersworld holds the responsibility to ensure that both corporates and colleges are able to meet their ends.

-          Free Assessment for Final and Pre-final year students
-          Detailed Report Card to the Placement Department.
- ...

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10 reasons why you should be the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador | It doesn’t get any better than this!


Here are just some of the reasons to apply for the happiest internship this summer. See more details and apply here:

1. You’re the voice of the Next Big Brand: 
Viber is one of the fastest growing mobile apps with over 200 Million users. With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. Viber users can send free text messages, photo messages, video messages and share locations with other users. Users can also make free HD-quality calls to other Viber users on iPhone®, Android™, Windows Phone, Blackberry®, Windows®, Mac, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features including stickers and emoticons...

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Student Competitions – A Way to Hire the Best and Spur Innovation!!

competitionIn today’s dynamic work environment the pressure on the staffing team have increased. There is always the requirement of high quality students who can be nurtured and retained. Old hunting grounds like campus recruitment, walk-in interviews and exhibitions are being abandoned for alternatives like student competitions.

This is not just the academic credentials or the intellectual capability of the students but also their quick thing thinking, dexterity and innovative nature. Inter and Intra University and college challenges pose to be the breeding ground of champs. A robotics competition in an IIT or REC, or a debate at an IIM or an ISB can yield some spectacular results. Sometimes gifted students with passion and quick turnaround action maybe missed during the interview process. Events like extempore speeches or debates can be the perfect equivalent of a GD during one of the placement rounds.

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Internships……Should You Be Serious on it?

Internship, projects….ugh…..the sound of those words causes all students to flinch. But unfortunately, there’s just no way around it. You can’t graduate from college without completing these. Now let’s be honest. How many of us have actually seriously done the internships or projects? Go out in the name of internship and just get a namesake certificate, show off that awesome project that we didn’t put any effort into and just bought it for a price. That’s what we all do right? But now, that kind of smartness just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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The Top 5 Frequently Asked Interview Questions to Prepare On!

The first round in most interviews is the aptitude test and clearing it is not too difficult. But when it comes to the interviews, now that’s a whole different ball game especially the HR interviews. Most engineering and MBA students would know what I’m talking about.
So allow me to give you a hand in this little matter. Here are a couple of questions that are commonly asked in interviews .

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Simple 5 Step Guide to Clear an Interview

Well, it’s time again for a new blog and from watching a couple of interviews, there’s one thing I have noticed- Not everybody gets an offer in their hands. In fact, out of the hundreds who attended the interview, it may finally be just about 10 people who finally get an offer in their hands. But what is it that sets these people apart from the remaining? What makes them so special? Here are a few simple tips to help you be one of those ten.

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How to Ease Your Job Search Through

Are you finding it difficult to keep yourself updated with the latest job posts on Freshersworld? Well, we thought we would give you a hand in the matter.

Here are some tips and tricks in keeping track of the latest job news:

1. Find us on your News feed…..Like us on Facebook

Don’t Like to Login on Page? Then “Like us” on Facebook & Get your daily updates on Jobs, Resume Tips and Career Advice’s.

2. Downl...

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Communication Skills for First-time Job Seekers

Many of us grow up thinking that so long as we are good at what we do, nothing else matters. Until – we take up our first jobs and realize that workplaces involve so many more skills. This article is about one such critical skill – Communication.

Communication in the workplace has its own needs – because we’re not participating just for fun (as with our friends). We’re communicating so that we can share project information, clear doubts, understand new things; if you don’t do that well, two things happen – projects get affected and your own reputation is affected. You become the guy (or girl) who doesn’t “think clearly” – never mind that it’s all in your head. That’s why first-time engineers (or other professionals) taking up a job should make sure to get these communication basics right.

Stop the sms lingo

Yes, “how u doin” and “letz meet b4 ur exam”

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How to get your First Job , by Mr.Joby Joseph, CEO FW !

How to get your  First Job , by Mr.Joby Joseph, CEO FW!


You send your resume to a recruiter and you are immediately told that you have been selected and you are offered the salary of your dreams!


You are in pre final year of college and a company comes to college for recruitment. You are called for an interview and are selected.

Ideal scenario! But only if life was this easy for everyone.

For most of us, life is not a cakewalk and finding the first job has been a nightmare. Right from seeing “Freshers, please excuse” note in most of the job advertisements in newspapers to fighting your way in a Walk-In interview, finding the first job remains an arduous task for many.

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Freshcoder 2010 is here! The hunt to find the top coders from the country!

Hey all,

freshcoder logo

Here is some exciting news for all of you!

After a conducting a survey with job seekers, we found that the most intriguing and difficult rounds during recruitments is the Technical Round and we have come out with a solution for preparation!

Announcing Freshcoder 2010, a coding competition with a difference. The first practice round starts from 1st Oct.

Watch out for more details and announcements at 

To discuss more on this, visit 

Why participate?

1. The questions asked have been taken from previous papers of top companies. This will help you prepare well for placement drives

2. You will stand a chance to win internships and full time positions with companies


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