Year gap in your resume? Fix it now!

There are so many of us applying for the job, but has a gap in our resume which shows the time when they were unemployed, which cause several problems at the time of the interview. There are various reasons that can cause unemployment in which some are willingly taken gaps from the job and some are the result of unfavorable situations. No matter the reason, the employer, and the interviewer want to know about the year gap, the reasons why you were unemployed, and the effect that gap have on your professional life.

The time that shows you were unemployed in your resume defiantly makes your resume little less effective and can do effects in either positive or negative way, but you can handle the situation during your interview while the interviewer asks the question regarding the year gap in your resume.

To overcome the situation when a recruiter wants to know about the year gap you can follow these techniques.

Be honest

Always remember that “Honest is the best policy”, no matter how tricky the situation is. When a recruiter wants to know about the year gap you have mentioned in your resume come up with an honest answer whether you take it for study, personal reason, or you got fired. Do not make a false story as it will make you look like some cheat and will have a bad effect on your job. If you are taking a year gap for personal reasons, then clearly mention the reason and assured that it will not affect your work now.

Be prepared

You know the situation is inevitable, your recruiter will defiantly ask you about the year gap, so be prepared. Prepare what you are going to answer when the interviewer pops the question. One thing you should always keep in mind that you cannot answer some rehearsed answer; you have to prepare for all the questioning because no one can predict the exact question neither the exact answer so it is better that you prepare well.


Confidence is the key to success if you are confident enough in your ability then there are more chances that you get the job you are applying for. Actually, the year gap leaves a bad mark on our resume, but the lack of confidence is the final nail in the coffin, so have confidence in your abilities and that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Your confidence speaks volumes for you, especially in a situation like this.

Be positive

A positive attitude is what you get through a difficult time and it will surely help you in getting through this question. Do not afraid of the outcome as one failure is the step to the next opportunity which is better than the previous. Answer with a positive attitude when the recruiter asks about the year gap and mentions the positive effect it has on your personal and professional life.

Always remember that the recruiter wants to know the reason and the lesson you learned from the year gap so try to deliver the answer that states these two points and you can easily overcome the situation.

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