The future of jobs post-pandemic

The coronavirus has affected major job sectors and people are either jobless or are working from home. The job scenario is extremely critical and many people are facing difficulties with finding a job. Many companies are downsizing their employees and trying to reduce the cost of everything. The governments across every nation are trying hard to bring the situation under control but it is only taking the worst turns every time. Now people are doubting what will be the future of jobs after things return to normal situations. 

The future is uncertain and they are very less things to be assumed about it. Many companies across the globe are bringing in new reforms to work in the offices yet how successful these reforms would be is yet to be confirmed. Yet there are few scenarios that can help you take slight glimpses on the future of jobs after the pandemic.

1. More space in the offices

People before the pandemic used in tightly spaced cubicles and interacted within a close range. They shared food, notes, and conversation all the time. When the pandemic fell upon everyone, people had to take work from home because they could not risk their lives or health under any circumstances. Now the situation is starting to become normal, offices are starting to reopen and employees are returning to work. There will be distancing between cubicles within a four to six feet difference to avoid the spread of any disease. 

2. Work from Home will be there

In a hypothetical situation, the pandemic is over and people are now working in offices. Then what? What are the chances that there will be no spread of diseases in the future? 

Even though the pandemic will end soon, but that does not ensure that work from home will go away. People will be habituated because from 2020 to 2021, people have been working in their homes for most of the time. They will be much more accustomed to being working from a place they have become used to. It will still be difficult for people getting habituated in an office after such a long period of time. Work from home can be a very good option if people are facing difficulties coming to the office or having lockdown in their areas. 

3. Safety protocols will be strictly observed

The pandemic has made us realize how much cleanliness is required for working in an office. Sanitization works will increase 24×7 because cannot risk the safety and security of their fellow employees. The offices will be sanitized on an hourly basis to ensure that any kind of foreign particle does not enter the office premises under any circumstances. AC Vents, airpipes, and water lines will be thoroughly checked with new-age ventilation technology. Employee’s health would be observed all the time so that they do not compromise again. More than that, specific training would be given to office staff that how they can keep themselves clean, hygienic and healthy all the time. 

4. Digital Connect through Office portals

Those employees who are unable to come to the office can connect through the online portals provided by the office. They have to simply log in with their user identity and password. In this way, they can mark themselves present and check out after their duty hours. They can even apply for leaves if they are feeling sick or in emergency situations which are quite great. In this way, the job of the HR or Human resources department becomes much easier. 

5. Work automation will be implemented

Work will not be just limited to typing or recording data on spreadsheets. It will be more efficient with AI and machine learning where work will be processed within a few minutes. It not only decreases workload but also creates a sense of work being done by collaborating with man and machine. 

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