Attra Infotech – An Exclusive Recruitment Drive by Freshersworld

It is said that Morning shows the day and is perfectly true for, as its Journey of exclusive campus recruitment drive for 2015 has already started with a grand success. Now its pace has doubled which can be felt by its Exclusive Drive Journey for the financial ending month “March 2015″.

For this month Fresherswold has conducted numerous exclusive campus recruitment Drive, Which includes elite clients like Huawei Technologies, EMC Corporation, Aptean, Shoretel, Motorola, Practo Technologies, HT media, MAQ Software,  Attra Infotech etc. across India.

Talking about one of the Major drive among all, is with our client Attra Infotech, The drive was conducted on 19th March 2015 at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore...

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Top 5 Reasons to Build a Rewarding Career in Digital Marketing in 2015

The word ‘marketing’ entails in itself the essence of spreading a word about a particular product or a service such that the targeted set of audience gets familiar with it. In the present day world, with the evolving concepts, it is very evident that people today are moving ahead with the pace.  Also, it has been witnessed that people today are all engrossed with the digital equipments such that 24*7 they are busy fiddling with their smartphones, tabs etc.  Moving ahead, these gadgets and equipments are backed by different concepts which are clubbed together to be known as digital marketing concepts.

Digital marketing is one such area that has evolved the most over the years. More so, if we go by the numbers, the number of users and amount of media spend on Digital is growing over 30% annually. With 302mn Internet users prevailing in India, the country has beaten the US to become the 2nd largest country of Internet users in the year gone by.  Also, there is a huge demand for skilled Digital Marketing professionals to cater to this demand and that is the reason a Digital Marketing professional earns between Rs. 15,000-Rs. 2,50,000.

Agreeing with the aforesaid fact, here is what one of the renowned Digital Marketer thinks about Digital Marketing and the ideal reasons why one should build a rewarding career in Digital Marketing.

Pradeep Cho...

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Young India Challenge (presented by YourStory in association with Gyan Lab)

‘Young India Challenge – Ideas for Change is an initiative by YourStory & Gyan Lab to encourage the youth of India to take initiative on nation building. During the course of the contest, school students (classes 8 – 12) and under-graduates participate in weekly contests where topics on nation building. Every week, upto 5 students from both categories would be selected as weekly winners who are invited to participate in the finale. The timeline of the school level contest is Feb – May 2015 while that for undergrad students is Feb – Apr 2015. The contest is being hosted on YourStory’s new content platform -

As a part of this initiative, we are trying to build a greater awareness among students especially at school and under-graduate level for which we created ‘Coffee w...

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EMC Corporation – An Exclusive Recruitment Drive on 17th Feb 2015 in Bangalore


For this New Year has stared its Journey of exclusive campus recruitment Drive with a mega success, which can be tracked with a footfall of 700+ candidates. The journey for 2015 started with one our Notable client, EMC Corporation. The drive was conducted on 17th February 2015 at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore

EMC Corporation was recruiting for Associate Technical Solution Project Manager/ Associate Delivery Specialist/ Associate Consultant and its evident that, being India’s No.1 Job Portal for Fresher’s is the best choice for them to accomplish their recruitment process.

For this recruitment, EMC Corporation was looking for BE/ BTech – (CS/ IT/ ECE/ EEE) candidates from 2014 batch with an aggregate of 60% and above throughout academics.

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Freshersworld Video Contest- “Tell Me About Yourself?”


Interviews are tough! No matter how many times you practice and rehearse, there are always goof-ups that happen. It can be as simple as “I am Rina and I am a girl” ( Well, duh! Thanks for telling!) Or as hilarious as “Rahul, Naam tho sunna hoga?” ( Ok, we made that up! It never happens!). But, the contest is all about letting yourself go! You are fed up of listening to the same set of questions asked by recruiters- Tell me about yourself? (#FreshersworldViral Answer- I am Rajnikanth!) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (#FreshersworldViral Answer- I see myself in NASA. Building a rocket to kill you!)

Well, here’s the chance to get back for all the boredom and monotony you had to suffer!

Freshersworld Viral Video Contest- Tell Me About Yourself?

Win iPhone 6 by uploading your fun...

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9 Ways College Students Deal With Exam Stress

1) Bholenath Ki Jai (Praying to God)


Exams are very stressful and praying to God is one of the best ways Indian students deal with the exam stress. As a student, you have a favorite, mandir, which you go whenever you feel stressed. Exam is no different. Praying to god, gives you an inner sense of peace and gives you the confidence to deal with stress and face your fears.

2) Cry

number 2

Its said that a girl’s cry moves a man’s heart. Well sure, but is also helps to relive stress. Crying is said to be ideal to remove any pain, grief or stress. Many girls cry before their exams, well, not necessarily in the exam hall.

3) The book worms

number 3

These follow the traditional method of dealing with exam stress: to sit in the library for hours together and study...

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6 college proposals and funny responses

1. The Expensive proposal:

number 1(1)

Not very rare, you can catch up with these actions on your campus for a couple or two. There is this rich hot-shot guy who will manage to set up a well-planned environment and buy all the gifts and kneel down to the babe of your college. With dozens of roses! Literally. In your mind, it is like playing a dare, to say no to it. And amidst all this, the girl simply walks down on him. Poor guy, but alas, the whole college has now got the new topic of gossip!

2. The Smartphone proposal:

number 2

Now this is the Gen-next type of proposal. Boy takes all the pains to draw a wallpaper or a romantic picture, expressing his deep seated love for the girl and passes his phone to her. He knows that no girl can remain unmoved after seeing romantic wallpaper...

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9 signs that you will remain friends with your college buddies forever

1) You can’t get enough of them

number 1

You wake up and you think about them. You go to college and make a plan. You skip classes, do a lot of masti, roam around the city on your bikes and feel sad when you part, even if it’s for a night. You want to be around them all the time. You want to look like your friends, and sound like them. It’s crazy how crazy we can get around college friends

2) He/she knows all your secrets


They know all your secrets. You trust them completely and hence, have poured out your heart out to hear. The person knows what you have been through and what  you are going through now. He/she is not just your best friend but also your lifelong companion. You know that he/she will also be there for you. You trust her and cannot hear a word against that special friend.

3) ...

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5 types of friends you make in college

1) The talkative friend


He/she just does not seem to shut up. They go on blabbering something or the other, which is not concerned with you and something, you are genuinely, not interested. The talking does not end there. Telephones have basically ruined your life, if you are in the company of such a person. It seems that they are born to talk.

2) The gossip queen


She is the person who gossips a lot. Being your friend, you know more secrets than most of the students do. You have heard secrets about people, you don’t even talk to. All groups have at-least one such personality, a girl, in most cases, who loves and thrives on extracting information from others and then, gossiping about it...

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IIT Kharagpur -Spring Fest 2015

While the rest of the country is still reeling from winter, the little township of Kharagpur in West Bengal warms up for an early spring. Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur’s annual socio-cultural fest and one of the hottest college fests throughout the country, is all set to grab the attention of the entire nation from 23rd to 26th January.  And in its 56th edition, Spring Fest promises to be bigger than ever before.

Spring Fest is known throughout the country for its prestigious events. Offering a multitude of more than 100 events spread out over nine genres, SF has something for everyone. With 55 years under its  belt, the events held at Spring Fest have a rich history. From the rock band competition Wildfire that has  previous participants of the caliber of Parikrama, to the Mary Bucknell Trophy, a prestigious event in the  quizzing circuit since the ‘70s, Spring Fest has always been one of the biggest stages to showcase one’s talent.

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9 types of professors you meet every day in your college life

1) The professors who were born to make your life miserable

College is no less than hell! There is no stopping them. They are determined to make your life, a living hell. Be in examinations, assignments or simply a normal question and answer round, they are strict martinets and expect everyone to be strict and disciplined. If you are not, then, you are in trouble. Watch out for these professors.


2)  The innovative ones

They go out their way to make the lectures, creative. They are bold and try everything ‘out of the box’ to make the session interesting and are keenly interested in helping you. They bring visual aids and practical lessons for you to learn faster. They will make sure that they give the best they can to the students!


3) The gullible professors

Surely, being a teache...

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Berger paints MBA Virtual Campus Recruitment 2015 -One Single day,Students from 322 B-Schools across India,1708 concurrent test takers

Freshersworld has done yet another successful All-India Online Assessment with 1708 Participants from 322 B Schools across India for Berger Paints !

“ has done a wonderful job in Organizing and Scheduling the assessment on behalf of Berger Paints, and we are really happy at the number of turn-outs and the way the entire process was handled by their team. We wish them all success and to keep-up with their good commitment and efforts “  – Pradip Bandyopadhyay, Manager HR- Berger Paints

30 days to identify the colleges, invite applications, shortlist the matching profiles and to schedule the test in all selected colleges on 30th Nov 2014 on a fixed schedule...

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16 things An Engineer would identify with

1)      There are no girls in the class and the sex ratio is worse than the sex ratio of Haryana – You know the scene in a typical engineering college: most of the students are guys!

16 things An Engineer would identify with

2)      There are more exams than there are days in a month- You seem to be constantly giving exams. And yes, how can we forget the surprise tests? It seems that the reason you come to college is to give exams.

16 things An Engineer would identify with

3)      The word back means something else than you actually imagined- If you are thinking that it’s about getting failed, you may be mistakes. Although it is important not to get a back, it is even more important to ensure that you have a ‘back’. It stands for backup of people when a bunch of people are ready to beat you up.


4)      You learn strong values like begging for...

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Happy New Year 2015 to All of you

This New Year, be the change you want to see. Things change when YOU are ready for it. Have a New Year filled with challenges so that your tomorrow is secure… From Your Friendly neighborhood Job Portal!


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Huawei Technologies Recruitment Drive on 27th Nov 2014 in Bangalore


The journey of success for is on continuum, this time its the Recruitment drive for one of our Esteem client, Huawei Technologies. The drive was conducted on 27th November 2014 at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore

The success of the drive can be depicted from the footfall of the freshers gathers for the drive. Around 2800 candidates attended the drive of Huawei and Freshersworld team was overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm among the candidates.

Drive was for the position of Software Engineer and for the same Huawei Technologies was looking for B.E/ B.Tech – (CS/ IT/ IS/ ECE/ EEE) / MCA /M.Tech candidates from 2013/ 2014 batches with an aggregate of 70% in UG/ PG & 70% in 10th & 12th.

The challenge before the Freshersworld...

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HDFC Life – Smart Achievers Program

The Indian insurance industry has witnessed exceptional growth with the involvement of Private Firms across the Globe. It has a mix of public and private players both in the field of life and non-life business. India’s life insurance sector is the biggest in the world with about 36 Crore policies and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12-15 per cent over the next five years. Eyeing on the massive opportunity in India, and being one of the Pioneers in this sector, HDFC Life has designed a sophisticated program in association with Manipal University to mould their own Development Officers for Life Insurance Sector.

With the commencement of new FDI rule foreign investments will be shot up from 26% to 49% in the next fiscal year paving ways for thousands of job ...

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Subex Limited Recruitment Drive in Bangalore, 19th November 2014

Subex Office added one more feather in its success crown. Subex Limited conducted an exclusive recruitment drive in Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 19th November 2014 with the help of

Subex had openings for Associate Product Support for Bangalore location. They were looking for B.E/ B.Tech candidates from 2014 batch with an aggregate of 70% & above, which was a real challenge for Freshersworld team to deal. This was so because most of the quality students from 2014 batch are already placed. Freshersworld took up this challenge and was able to deliver on it. We were able to conduct another successful drive with the help of our portal’s advanced search capabilities as it made shortlisting candidates (with 70% & above) very easy.

Subex Limited were lo...

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Novell Software Recruitment Drive in Bangalore, 5th November 2014

novell logo

Another successful Exclusive drive conducted by for Novell Software Pvt Ltd at their office, i.e- Bagmane tech park, Bangalore on 6th November 2014 with 82+ candidates attended the Interview.

Novell Software Pvt Ltd had openings for Software Developer. The drive was for BE/B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE), Information Science/Technology (IS/IT)),  MCA, MSc(Computer Science, Information Technology)candidates from 2014 batch with an aggregate of 70% in UG/ PG & 65% in 10th & 12th

They were looking ...

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Top 25 Multinational Workplaces in the World

The 25 best multinational workplaces in the world for 2014 have been announced by Great Place to Work, with Google at the summit for the second year in a row.

Since launching the first best workplaces lists in partnership with FORTUNE magazine in the United States and Exame in Brazil in 1997, Great Place to Work now recognizes leading workplaces in roughly 50 countries.

Companies are rated by their employees to be among the best, with excellent HR policies and practices that support a culture of trust.

In the past year, Great Place to Work analysed data from surveys taken by nearly three million employees and workplace culture assessments conducted at 6,200 companies, which represent more than 11.5 million employees worldwide.

Here is the top 25:

Google (Information Technology)
SAS Institu...

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Finding job when inside the campus, is mostly considered as a personal success for the students, and is a prestigious affair for the institutes which is ranked and worshiped as the place of excellence on the basis of the placement an online guru in helping freshers find their dream jobs on and off campus has made an endeavor giving free online assessment for campuses across India.

I would like to share the confidence in our platform which excelled in handling the tests, where we could monitor the assessments remotely in multiple locations/colleges, real time minimum time for sharing results and real time tech support for hassle free test execution...

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Huawei + = 28 offer letters!


Huawei Technologies declared the result of the Exclusive drive conducted by at Cambridge Institute of Technology ,Bangalore on 11th September 2014. was able to provide the perfect platform for Huawei’s fresher hiring requirement. 28 candidates got selected and were successfully placed through exclusive drive. Few of the selected candidates are Abdulgafoor, Abhipsa Priyadarshini, Barkha Lasod ,Chetan K ,Chirag Goyal ,Gautam Khurana , Neha Rai ,Nisha Pamnani ,Prasanna Kumar Joshi ,Priya Ravichandra, etc.

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Cegedim logo

Another successful Exclusive drive conducted by for Cegedim at Cambridge Institute of Technology ,Bangalore on 11th & 17th Oct 2014 with 150+ candidates attended the drive , with this has started the recruitment drive for 2015 batch in India . is the pioneer for starting the 2015 exclusive recruitment drive.

Cegedim had openings for Trainee Engineer . The drive was for B.E/ B.Tech – (CS/ IS/ IT)/ MCA candidates from 2015 batch with an aggregate of 75% & above in 10th, 12th  & UG/ PG ( if applicable )

They were looking for the candidates who would go through a structured ‘Boot camp’ for a period of 6 months that includes training on Technical skills, Soft skills, Behavior skills, Product Knowledge, Certification etc...

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Upcoming Government jobs in India

Govt Jobs

The demand for Government jobs in India is increasing , especially among the Freshers. The  craze is more for the Banking and PSU jobs. As per the industry experts

more than 3 lakh Jobs will come only from Banking sector within next 3 years. We can see the same trend for the PSU and other Government jobs.

More over the growth of Indian Economy will give a  major push to the job market. Indian economy expanded more then what was expected in Q2 and

It is the highest growth rate reported since the fourth quarter of 2011.  Its major impact can be seen in  electricity, Manufacturing, gas & water supply ; financing, insurance, real estate and business service sector.

Many Government jobs are upcoming in  year 2014 and 2015 ...

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Festember 2014 – one of South India’s biggest and finest annual cultural fest

Festember logo

Since its inception in 1975, Festember has snowballed into one of South India’s biggest and finest annual cultural fest, taking place from the 25th to 28th September, drawing a footfall of more than 10,000 from over 500 colleges across India. It has been awarded the best cultural festival of the year by the State Government of Tamil Nadu in 2005. Festember, which flagged off as a zero-budget fest redefined itself over the years to become a full fledged one, having associations with corporate giants like Hero, Nimbuzz, Adobe, Aircel and Vodafone including this year’s co-sponsor KDD Harvest.

Relaxing on the Halloween theme of last year, Festember’14 is all set to go Hawaiian...

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Many companies rejecting job applicants due to social media posts: Survey

Many companies rejecting job applicants

NEW DELHI: Social media has emerged as a major background-check tool for employers and nearly 68 per cent of them decide against hiring a person after finding negative details about the candidates, a survey has found.

According to a survey , as many as 59 per cent employers are currently using social media to research on job candidates, while another 33 per cent are planning to access the platform soon.

Interestingly, the survey said that 68 per cent employers who research job candidates on social media have found ‘content’ that caused them not to hire the individual.

The finding...

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Huawei Technologies Recruitment Drive in Bangalore, 11th Sept 2014

Another successful Exclusive drive conducted by for Huawei Technologies at Cambridge Institute of Technology ,Bangalore on 11th September 2014 with 600+ candidates attending the drive.
Huawei Technologies had openings for Software Engineer Trainee. The drive was for B.E/ B.Tech – ( CS/ IT/ IS/ ECE/ EEE) / MCA candidates from 2014 batch with an aggregate of 70% in UG/ PG & 65% in 10th & 12th .

They were ...
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Sir M Visvesvaraya – Remembering the Greatest Engineer of all times


In remembrance of Sir M.Visvesvaraya, the most outstanding Engineer of all times, the Engineering fraternity of India celebrates “Engineer’s Day” every year on 15th of September.

154 years ago that this great contributor to growth and engineering was born. Every year the celebration of the Engineer’s Day revolves around a central theme that is notified to all states and local centers.

When and why do w...

Read More Unlocks Myriad Career Prospects in Banking Industry for Wannabe Bankers

Banking sector in India is poised for further growth and expansion, with major public sector banks foraying into largely untapped rural and suburban markets. With more than 30% of Indians enjoying direct access to banking institutions, jobs for aspiring bankers are about to multiply. One of the leading online job portals is now showing new directions to banking job seekers in India.

If recent reports are to be believed, banking sector in India is going to create 15-20 hundred thousand new jobs in a few years from now. Financial experts believe that the futuristic policies of RBI and government are going to create new possibilities for the people who are currently working in this sector as well as for those who are raring to grab employment opportunities offered by the sector., a leading job portal in India that millions of job seekers use for searching jobs and understanding key trends in various industry segments, has recently added scores of banking jobs to its database. In a bid to close the gap between banking sector key players and aspiring candidates, the e-job portal has also introduced a volley of new features in its service line.

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India wants China to set up manufacturing units in the country

India wants China logo

NEW DELHI: India today asked China to invest in setting up manufacturing units in the country to bridge the widening trade deficit and create jobs in the country.

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said India has signed an agreement with China in June to set up Chinese Industrial Parks in India.

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5000 Government Scientists to teach in schools & colleges

NEW DELHI: The government has decided to make it mandatory for over 5,000 scientists, working in different central agencies including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), to undertake 12 hours of lecture classes in an academic year in public-funded schools and colleges across the country.

Announcing the decision, Union science and technology minister Jitendra Singh said it would be “mandatory” for the scientists to formally take classes in schools and colleges which would be identified for this purpose in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resources Development.

The ministe...

Read More Onam Celebration 2014 @ Bangalore & Kochi

Pookalam celebrated The Onam Festival which brings a sense of oneness amongst the people and can see only happiness all around.

It was celebrated on 5th of September 2014 in our office premises . The celebration started with Pookalam (flower decorations) in the reception area of our office
followed by Onam Sadhya – A sumptuous lunch at Malabar Bay.

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Solar Energy can create 6.7 lakh jobs in India in 10 years

NEW DELHI: Solar power generation has the potential to create close to seven lakh jobs in the country in the next 10 years, says a report.

Solar energy can create up to 1,45,000 MW of capacity and 6.7 lakh jobs in India over next 10 years, said the report, jointly prepared by Bridge To India and Tata Power Solar.

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Practo Exclusive Campus Recruitment Drive ( Phase II) for 2014 batch across India has always been leading the way in terms of providing opportunities for freshers in India. Making a true justice to the name with our premium client Practo Technologies who were offering a package of 5 lac/annum for 2014 Passouts . We as a team were successful in conducting the Recruitment Drive ( Phase II )

6 – States , 7 – Venues, , 1000+ Participants

Selection Process: GD & FW Online assessment

More Details About Practo Recruitment Drive ( Phase II)

Date  Location  Attendees  Shortlisted for Online test  Shortlisted for PI  Venue
 1st Sept 2014  Bangalore  100+  36  26  Garden city College
 14th Sept 2014  Chennai  200+ 47  17 Saveetha Engineering College
 21st Sept 2014  Hyderabad  220+  73  30  CMR Engineering College
 24th Sept 2014  Mumbai  130+  57  45  Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering
 25th Sept 2014  Pune  280+  81  42  Vishwakarma Institute of Management
 26th Sept 2014  Noida  225+  57  51  Accurate Institute of Management & Technology
 27th Sept 2014  Delhi  250+  96  69  Northern India Engineering College


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GATE 2015 notification are Out !!!!

GATE 2015 notification are out !!!!

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest test which is being conducted in an all India basis. It tests the comprehensive knowledge of the various disciplines in engineering and science.

Seven IITs,(namely-IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee)and Indian Institute of Science conducts GATE on behalf of the National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India. GATE 2015 will be organized by IIT Kanpur

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govt blog-blog

Indian job market is witnessing a huge spurt in the Government jobs. After the new government there is a revive in the economy.

It has been estimated by the industry experts that the job market will grow by at least 30 % under this Narendra modi led government.

Read More Introducing the Simplest Online Assessment Tool

” Recruit Quality Candidates with less effort, time and Cost “

The world is now moving in fingertips and there is enough speculation on, whether the next generation will be able to write the notes or type them. With the largest pool of youth available in the world market, now India is one of the hottest hubs for all MNCs and also considering the hike in the number of start-ups across the Nation, the leading online recruitment portal for freshers (entry level graduates) is launching FORT - Freshersworld Online Recruitment Tool. The focus point here is onthe recruitment of freshers, either directly from campus or within a year’s time, after the final exams...

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Placement Prep Services from

We @, being in the fresher hiring industry for the past 10 years understands the need by both the campuses and corporate for a successful recruitment. The scenario now can be best described as “the corporates are levelling up their hiring standards and the colleges are trying to find ways to achieve it “.

Aptitude Tests one of the preliminary elimination methods, which is now executed by many companies, online to filter the junk even without coming to a campus. As the pioneer in the freshers hiring industry Freshersworld holds the responsibility to ensure that both corporates and colleges are able to meet their ends.

-          Free Assessment for Final and Pre-final year students
-          Detailed Report Card to the Placement Department.
- ...

Read More Facebook Likes Cross 6,00,000 mark! Facebook Likes Cross 6,00,000 mark!

Dear Readers , We have crossed a new milestone in our journey – Facebook likes of has crossed 6,00,000 mark. We would like to thank you all for your love and support.


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Informatica Recruitment Drive in Bangalore, 5th July 2014


Another successful Exclusive drive conducted by for Informatica  at their Office , Bangalore on 5th July 2014  with 150 candidates attending the drive.

Informatica had openings for Software Engineer Trainee. The drive was for 2014 pass out BE/B.Tech/ M.E/M.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Information Science/Technology (IS/IT),MCA  candidate’s with  7.5 and above  CGPA in Graduation and  aggregate of 60% and above in 10th and 12th with No backlog history.

They offered a CTC of  3.6 lakhs per annum + Relocation allowance (if the candidate is not from a college based in Bangalore)

Talking about our esteemed client, Informatica Corporation is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software...

Read More Launching Campus Ambassador 2014 – 15

campus ambassador Programe

An Initiative from to identify the go-getters from campus who can bridge bridge between College and Corporate. With over 3000 colleges connected and a quarter million students visiting our websites our previous endeavors in Campus Ambassadorship has been a huge success, and we intend to carry out in a much vigorous manner this academic year with the same overwhelming support from the students community and colleges across India.

Final year or pre- final year students with a shoulder to bear the responsibilities and a cool head and we really don’t want him to have aphonia for sure, is welcomed to apply for representing the college and even we recommend the placement officers to refer us the ideal representatives from the campus.

A series of corporate events awaits the Cam...

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10 reasons why you should be the Viber #GoodVibes Ambassador | It doesn’t get any better than this!


Here are just some of the reasons to apply for the happiest internship this summer. See more details and apply here:

1. You’re the voice of the Next Big Brand: 
Viber is one of the fastest growing mobile apps with over 200 Million users. With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. Viber users can send free text messages, photo messages, video messages and share locations with other users. Users can also make free HD-quality calls to other Viber users on iPhone®, Android™, Windows Phone, Blackberry®, Windows®, Mac, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features including stickers and emoticons...

Read More introduces State wise Job Search to make Job Search easier


Dear Job Seeker ,

We have introduced ” State wise Search” to make your Job Search a lot easier & simple .

Check Your Location below & Start searching for your Dream Job !!!

Good Luck in your Job Search :)

State wise Job Search :

Jobs in Andra Pradesh   Jobs in Arunachal Pradesh       Jobs  in Assam    Jobs in Bihar   Jobs in chhattisgarh

Jobs in Goa   Jobs in Gujarat   Jobs in Haryana   Jobs in Himanchal Pradesh   Jobs in Jammu & Kashmir

Jobs in Karnataka  Jobs in Kerala   Jobs in Madhya Pradesh  Jobs in Maharashtra    Jobs in Manipur

Jobs in Meghalaya    Jobs in Mizoram    Jobs in Nagaland   Jobs in Orissa  Jobs in Punjab  Jobs in Rajasthan

Jobs in Sikkim   Jobs in Tamil Nadu  Jobs in Tripura  Jobs in Uttar Pradesh Jobs in Uttarakhand

Jobs ...

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HDFC Smart Achievers Program

 Considered as the RECESSION-PROOF industry and the growing need of insurance in our personal and work life, many of the students who have enrolled in the program have made their decision to start the career in Life Insurance industry. More than 100 students from various educational backgrounds across the country has already been enrolled with the first batch of HDFC Smart Achievers Program @ Manipal University.

“We had an excellent drive through Freshersworld where we shortlisted 61 candidates in a single day across PAN India. I would really like to appreciate the efforts put in by Freshersworld Team to kick start this project with such an overwhelming response. We are looking forward to a great association with Freshers World to make the “Smart Achievers Program” a success!!!   “

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Sonus Networks Results for the Recruitment Drive conducted across PAN India

sonus network successfully helped Sonus Networks, a leading IP Networking Company to hire 41 fresh Engineering graduates for Testing & Developer roles.


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Case Study – Practo Technologies – 2014 Hiring

Sales Office / Territory Manager Hiring 2014-15 – Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad

“Wanted to thank each one of you in Freshersworld involved in making CAMPUS drive a success for us, Freshersworld as a team ensured that we focus only on the core activity of hiring quality candidates and not worrying about campus co-ordination, logistics etc. This approach has helped us focus on our core function and get the best results. 

 Hope to see Freshersworld helping us become the first preferred company for IT sales hiring in India .I am sure with the start we have had, we should be able to achieve it.

Thank you FRESHERSWORLD you are a great team to work with. “

Akshith Rai, VP HR | Practo India

Practo Technologies

An young organization which is growing at a rapid pace in I...

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Ultimate Interview Tips !!!


These days it is a gargantuan task trying to find any kind of job and when looking for a job that fits you and stimulates you, the problem compounds manifold, a veritable Gordian knot. So if you want to find and follow your destination rather than letting other factors take you along where they will, there is a lot of work to be done. No matter how much effort you put in studying and trying to be an expert in your discipline, there are always hundreds of job seekers who have worked hard and built expertise as much as you, if not more. Anyone who has been through a recruitment process will know the large number of people that clear the initial written examination and how those numbers dwindle rapidly once the group discussions and interviews start...

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WE DID IT !!!!!!!! We reached half a million Facebook Fans


We have surpassed another mile stone, Guess what ? We have hit the 500 thousand likes on Facebook.

Congrats to and thanks to all the Fans for your boundless support.


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Digital Marketing Certification By Digital Vidya In Association With VSkills


The internet has not only globally covered all the areas of information, but also gave a means to the corporate world to analyze the market from different prospect. Now-a-days, global audience look globalized marketing trends; hence digital marketing came as a revolution from past few years.

Digital Marketing covers all the aspects of the digital media industry such as Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Hence, every professional who wish to explore this industry need to have an expertise in all of these.

Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company; thus launched Digital Marketing Masters Course in association with VSkills, Govt...

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TOSHIBA Recruitment Drive at Bangalore, 30th May 2014

Over 100 students attended the TOSHIBA Exclusive drive conducted by at PESIT , Bangalore on 30th May 2014


No of candidates who applied 3560 +
No of candidates who fit the criteria 220+
No of call letters sent 220+
No of candidates who appeared 100+
No of candidates shortlisted for Next Interview TBP
No of candidates offered TBP
No of candidates who joined TBP
Time taken 2.0 week

Results will be published soon on results section of

To Keep Updated keep following us.


Photos of TOSHIBA Recruitment Drive - 30th May 2014

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There is a drastic move in the Indian job market since independence and it has affected both the private and public sectors. Government jobs   has witnessed a sharp increase since nationalisation and its impact can be seen even in the post liberalization period.

In India , a government-owned corporation is termed a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU). This term is used to refer to companies in which the government (either the federal union government or the many state or territorial government, or both) own a majority (51 per-cent or more) of the company equity. There are 251 PSU companies in India as of 2012...

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Sonus Networks Recruitment Drive 2014 at Chennai & Hyderabad


1) Chennai :

Over 550  students attended the Sonus Networks Exclusive drive conducted by at B. S. Abdur Rahman University , Chennai on 27th May 2014

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Huawei Recruitment Drive at Chennai, 15th May 2014


Over 500  students attended the Huawei Exclusive drive conducted by at Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering, Chennai on 15th May 2014

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Sonus Networks Recruitment Drive at Bangalore, 17th May 2014

sonus logo

Over 700 students attended the Sonus Networks Exclusive drive conducted by at CBIT, Bangalore on 17th May 2014

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Tata Chemicals Campus Assessment 2014


Yes, it was a real privilege for to associate with Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), one of the Leading Brands in India.

TCL had a list of premium colleges across India from which they wanted to recruit Trainee Engineers. services started from connecting the colleges and inviting applications through our Online Students Registration module(OSR), it’s an advanced tool specially designed for campus recruitments , start from students registration , filtering based on qualification and shortlist students according to each round of interview process.

The recruitments process started in the month of Jan 2014 starting with an Online Assessment Test in each colleges. The platform for online test provided by freshersworld...

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Practo Exclusive Campus Recruitment Drive for 2014 batch

practo office has always been leading the way in terms of providing opportunities for freshers in India. Making a true justice to the name with our premium client Practo Technologies offering a package of 5 lac/an, we as a team were successful in placing 54 freshers through campus

3 – States , 6 – Venues, 6 – Days, 1524 – Participants &  54 selects

  ” Freshers world as a team ensured we focus only on the core activity of hiring quality candidates and not worrying about campus co ordination, logistics etc. This approach has helped us focus on our core function and get the best results.“ Mr. Akshith VP – HR, Practo

The entire process was inclusive of FW online assessment, GD and Personal Interview and the selected candidates were announced on the same day itself.

It all started...

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Orient Cement drive on 22nd March 2014 @ CBIT, Hyderabad

orient cement logo

Orient Cement Recruitment drive for 2014 pass-outs as Management Trainee was scheduled on 22nd March 2014 at CBIT, Hyderabad .

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Singularity University- (An Initiative by NASA & GOOGLE)

Located in Silicon Valley

Founded in 2008

By Peter Diamandis & Ray Kurzweil

Singularity University is one of the most sought after initiative taken by worlds top Science & Tech giant  i.e  NASA & Google. Primary objective of this collaboration is to promote sustainable development by targeting areas which requires utmost attention such as water, energy, environment, education, food, poverty, security & health. Their emphasis is on designing solution for the greatest challenges humanity is facing today and in coming future. Besides the course offered, the institution helps you to think out of the box in an encouraging environment to push your limits. The wide range of academics subjects itself elaborates the vision of this startup...

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Practo Technologies Recruitment Drive at BLR, 12th Mar 2014

practo logo

Over 300 students attended the Practo Technologies  Exclusive drive conducted by at  PESIT , Bangalore on 12th Mar 2014

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Razorthink Recruitment Drive at BLR, 11th Mar 2014

razorthink logo

Over 600 students attended the Razorthink  Exclusive drive conducted by at  SVCE , Bangalore on 11th Mar 2014

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Berger Paints On Campus Recruitment Drive for 2014 batch ( North & South Region)

berger logo

Congratulations to our Below mentioned candidates for getting placed in Berger Paints as Sales Officer Trainee through On Campus Recruitment Drive

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AthenaHealth Recruitment Drive at Chennai, 22nd Feb 2014

athenahealth logo

Over 700 students attended the AthenaHealth Exclusive drive conducted by at Vel Tech R S Trust, Avadi, Chennai on 22th Feb 2014

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Poornam InfoVision Recruitment Drive at BLR, 24th Jan 2014

poornam logo

Over 250 students attended the Poornam InfoVision Exclusive drive conducted by at CIMS – Bangalore on 24th January 2014

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Huawei Recruitment Drive at BLR, 18th Jan 2014


Over 350 students attended the Huawei  Exclusive drive conducted by at CIMS – Bangalore on 18th January 2014

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Huawei Recruitment Drive at HYD, 11th Jan 2014

avanti college

Over 450 students attended the Huawei  Exclusive drive conducted by at Avanthi College - Hyderabad on 11th January 2014

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Aptean Recruitment Drive at BLR, 27th December 2013


Over 400 students attended the Aptean  Exclusive drive conducted by at Cambridge Institute Of Technology - Bangalore on 27th December 2013

No of candidates who applied 3023+
No of candidates who fit the criteria 1187+
No of call letters sent 846+
No of candidates who appeared 400+
No of candidates shortlisted for Next Interview TBP
No of candidates offered TBP
No of candidates who joined TBP
Time taken 1.0 week

Results will be published soon on results section of

To Keep Updated keep following us.

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Huawei Recruitment Drive at BLR, 28th December 2013


Tougher days for job market !!! Companies are demoralized about freshers hiring !!

Still Huawei , one of the Global leader in ICT solution provider has consulted to fill their openings for Software Engineers

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Odessa Technologies Recruitment Drive at BLR, 20th December 2013

Odessa logo

Over 200 students attended the Odessa Technologies Exclusive drive conducted by at DSCE – Bangalore on 20th December 2013

No of c...
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Aptean Recruitment Drive at BLR, 12th December 2013

Aptean Banner

We recently conducted a drive at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Bangalore for APTEAN on 12th Dec 2013 and We had around 250+ candidates showing up .

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MISYS Recruitment Drive at BLR, 16th November 2013


We conducted a drive at Vemana Institute of Technology, Bangalore for MISYS on 16th Nov 2013 and We congratulate all the candidates who got offered . We had around 117+ candidates showing up and we have 7 offers.

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Mast Global Drive @ Intellectual Institute of Technology ( IITA), Anantapur

Mast Global off campus drive for 2013 pass-outs as Junior Data Analyst was scheduled on Nov 13th at Intellectual Institute of Technology, Anantapur and  the initial rounds of selection was carried out through on behalf of Mast Global.

 The entire process for the day was divided into three apart from the introduction about Mast Global for the candidates attended. A total of 145 students attended the written test and 67 cleared the preliminary assessment. These candidates were then divided to a batch of 4 and GD was conducted for the same, of which 31 young talents made their way to the final interview at the company premises to be held on 18th of Nov. Mr. Sreejith (Campus Head – Freshersworld...

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We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will.

When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam.

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ANZ Job Drive

We recently concluded a drive at Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore for ANZ on 26th Oct 2013 and we congratulate all the candidates who got offered . We had around 120+ candidates showing up and we have 15 offers.

No of candidates who applied 1063
No of candidates who fit the criteria 180+
No of call letters sent 180+
No of candidates who appeared 120+
No of candidates shortlisted after the test 70+
No of candidates offered 15
No of candidates who joined TBP
Time taken 2.0 weeks
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‘Let’s Speak Money Language’ – an On-campus Event

‘Let’s Speak Money Language’ was recently conducted in Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya (SCSVM), Kanchipuram, students from all educational disciplines participated in the event especially MBA students were over excited to experience this first-of-its-kind event and displayed lot of energy and enthusiam as they listened to the expert talks and had an exclusive interactive session with the experts where they clarified their doubts followed by quiz competition. The financial experts present in the event were Mr.Vishnu Vardhan (Regional Manager, Chennai, BSE), Mr.Gurunathan (Asst. Business Development Manager, Chennai, BSE) and Mr.P.R. Sundar (Head- Equity Research, ATS)...

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Student Competitions – A Way to Hire the Best and Spur Innovation!!

competitionIn today’s dynamic work environment the pressure on the staffing team have increased. There is always the requirement of high quality students who can be nurtured and retained. Old hunting grounds like campus recruitment, walk-in interviews and exhibitions are being abandoned for alternatives like student competitions.

This is not just the academic credentials or the intellectual capability of the students but also their quick thing thinking, dexterity and innovative nature. Inter and Intra University and college challenges pose to be the breeding ground of champs. A robotics competition in an IIT or REC, or a debate at an IIM or an ISB can yield some spectacular results. Sometimes gifted students with passion and quick turnaround action maybe missed during the interview process. Events like extempore speeches or debates can be the perfect equivalent of a GD during one of the placement rounds.

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Lucid Technology Solutions Recruitment Drive & BLR/ CHN, 7 September 2013

lucidThe job market is down!!!Companies are bit pessimistic about hiring freshers!!

Even in this negative hiring market, companies are optimistic on hiring Freshers through
A recent recruitment drive was conducted for our esteemed client Lucid Technology Solutions at 2 locations, CIMS Bangalore and Crescent College, Chennai on 7 September 2013.

Read More Participating in National Instruments Educators Day 2013 being the campus partner of National Instruments had the opportunity to be a part of concluding ceremony of Campus 2012-13 of National Instruments on 2nd September 2013 at Hotel ITC Chola, Chennai. The event was the result of efforts put for the past year by National Instruments and team to find the right talent in campuses across India. Among the crowd present at the venue were researchers, professors, HODs, Principals and students from various engineering colleges across India.

The event named Educators Day 2013 was addressed by Dr. James Truchard, President, CEO, and Co-founder of National Instruments. The event witnessed the new product launch of National Instruments, NI-myRIO a compact and discreet tool for electrical engineers.

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Alcate-Lucent Recruitment Drive @ Chennai, 31 August 2013

“Hard work pays-off” – a globally accepted statement and it is so true….

15 openings……70% cut-off in UG….2013 pass-out Engineers (EC/CS/IT) from premium colleges….Was it simple? Not at all!!! Well, I am talking about the short notice requirement by our premium client Alcatel Lucent.

“For past 2 years we have been working with Alcatel-Lucent for their Fresher requirement, a pretty good understanding of the job market and the client requirement helped me and my team to successfully deliver the client” says Saleema Firdouse, Sr. Recruiter at (Dream job division).

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FW Corporate Employability Assessment – 2014 in DBIT, Bangalore on Aug 13,2013 in association with Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore conducted online Corporate Employability Assessment – 2014 as an initiative for Campus 2014 recruitment activities. This is an online assessment test to evaluate students aptitude and technical skill sets. As stated by Mr.Ananth the placement head – DBIT “this kind of initiatives will help us to evaluate the students skills and industry readiness. This will help an institute to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students and can provide advance training and grooming sessions to make them employable and ready to hire by any corporates according to their expectations”.


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APTEAN Recruitment Drive @ BLR ,21 August 2013

What a long day. It was a recruitment drive which started at around ended only at about 9.00 pm. Though not a weekend drive, the turnout was more than expected. Around 500+ Engineering graduates lined up at the venue for Aptean drive conducted by

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Internships……Should You Be Serious on it?

Internship, projects….ugh…..the sound of those words causes all students to flinch. But unfortunately, there’s just no way around it. You can’t graduate from college without completing these. Now let’s be honest. How many of us have actually seriously done the internships or projects? Go out in the name of internship and just get a namesake certificate, show off that awesome project that we didn’t put any effort into and just bought it for a price. That’s what we all do right? But now, that kind of smartness just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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The Top 5 Frequently Asked Interview Questions to Prepare On!

The first round in most interviews is the aptitude test and clearing it is not too difficult. But when it comes to the interviews, now that’s a whole different ball game especially the HR interviews. Most engineering and MBA students would know what I’m talking about.
So allow me to give you a hand in this little matter. Here are a couple of questions that are commonly asked in interviews .

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Simple 5 Step Guide to Clear an Interview

Well, it’s time again for a new blog and from watching a couple of interviews, there’s one thing I have noticed- Not everybody gets an offer in their hands. In fact, out of the hundreds who attended the interview, it may finally be just about 10 people who finally get an offer in their hands. But what is it that sets these people apart from the remaining? What makes them so special? Here are a few simple tips to help you be one of those ten.

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A Day to Remember!!

A complete day with zero pressure, zero targets and 100% fun and enjoyment. Wondering what this is? Well let’s keep the suspense going a little more. Try to guess as we go forward in the blog.Meet on a Saturday? Not exactly the kind of thing anybody looks forward to is it. But quite surprisingly, almost all were present at sharp 09.30 am. Why you ask? Well it’s simple.



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I have taken the Premium Membership. How do I use it? premium membership logo

Now that you have successfully made the payment and taken the premium membership on, let’s look at some of the ways in which you should be using your premium membership to maximize your chances of landing a new job. There’s many ways in which you can use the premium membership and these are just some of the standard methods of use. But ultimately, the choices are yours and yours alone. Now let’s talk about what you can do.

1.Apply for premium jobs!!! (Exclusive access to apply for premium jobs)

This is easily the first thing that you should start doing when you become a premium member. With premium membership come premium jobs. These jobs are the ones which offer a relatively high salary and are also probably exclusively hiring through

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BNP Paribas [CMM Level III Company] Recruitment Drive @ Chennai ,19 July 2013

Another successful drive completed by the Freshersworld team for BNP Paribas (CMM Level III Company) at SRM Velliammai College, Chennai on 19th July, 2013 with 254 candidates attending the drive.

Talking about our esteemed client, BNP Paribas is one of the world’s largest global banking groups, headquartered in Paris. And what they required? Well, the openings were for BE/B.Tech (CSE, IT) Freshers.


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How to Ease Your Job Search Through

Are you finding it difficult to keep yourself updated with the latest job posts on Freshersworld? Well, we thought we would give you a hand in the matter.

Here are some tips and tricks in keeping track of the latest job news:

1. Find us on your News feed…..Like us on Facebook

Don’t Like to Login on Page? Then “Like us” on Facebook & Get your daily updates on Jobs, Resume Tips and Career Advice’s.

2. Downl...

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Why Companies should not conduct open walk-in?

“Walk-In Drives”- The moment I hear this phrase, the first thing I think of is a long queue of students waiting for the interview, resume in hand. To make matters worse, there are some of them, exhausted from the waiting, sitting under the shade of a tree, dupattas on their heads to protect themselves from the heat of the day.

Enough of a reason to avoid walk-in drives? Here are some more-

Walk-in drives are queue systems where the person who comes first will be served first, but the eligibility factor is missing there. It may happen that the people who have come first don’t even match the cut-off percentage.

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Aryaka Networks Recruitment Drive @ BLR, July 3 2013

Are Group Discussions better for screening a large pool of candidates?? If you asked this question to any of us here at Freshersworld, we would all answer “Yes” because we proved it through a recent drive held in Jain College, Bangalore.

The company was Aryaka Networks and we faced quite a challenge in conducting assessments for over 600 candidates. After quite a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a fool-proof plan- Conduct the assessment for the candidates by means of a Group Discussion.

For those of you who are not aware, group discussions, as the name suggests are discussions among participants who have agreed/disagreed on a particular topic. Some of the topics chosen were India overcoming China, Are women mangers better etc.

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Mast Global Recruitment Drive @ BLR, June 29 2013

Weekend drives…….Are they exciting? If you ask this to any of us here at, the answer would be a Big YESSS……..It’s a kind of togetherness’ for us, where people from different teams co-ordinate with each other to make the drive a BIG SUCCESS……

29th June 2013, Saturday. The day saw us conducting an exclusive recruitment drive for Premium Members of The company was MAST Global, one of our premium clients. The drive took place in the campus of Jain College in J.P. Nagar, Bangalore.

“It was quite a tough job managing close to 1000 freshers who were waiting in the long queue to take up the test?”, says Pavithra Devi, Sr. Associate – Recruitment at

Well, it would b...

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Sonus Networks- A Drive to Remember @ BLR,20 & 21 June 2013

Ok now this is big and I mean really BIG!!! Our latest drive for Sonus Networks has come to an end and we seem to have hit the jackpot. Now before we go forward discussing this statement, let’s talk about the drive itself. Assessments were conducted to test the skills of the candidates in C, C++, Java, Networking and Software Testing, not to forget the hefty cut-off, 75% score throughout in academics. The number of assessments conducted was a real whopper, with over 1000 assessments conducted pan India.

Based on their scores in the assessments, candidates were shortlisted for the final rounds of interview at the Sonus Networks facility. There were two different openings for Software Testing and Software Development and the interview for each were conducted on the 20th and 21st June, 2013 respectively. Candidates had to go through multiple rounds of interview, both for technical and for HR.

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EMC Corporation Recruitment Drive @ BLR, June 23 2013

Our FIRST big drive for BSc/BCA/BCM graduates was conducted at Garden City College, Bangalore on June 23, 2013 for our client EMC Corporation.

EMC Corporation, the global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver Information Technology as a service (ITAAS) had openings for around 40 graduates to join as Trainee Support Engineers. The drive was for 2012/13 pass out BSc/BCM (CS/IT/IS/Electronics or Mathematics)/ BCA candidate’s batches with aggregate of 60% and above.

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GradMener Drive @ Haryana and Andhra Pradesh

GradMener Technology based at Pune whose motto is to “Follow the customer” and focus on “First Time Right”. Their service offerings are focused mainly on supporting customers to improve productivity, reduce risks and optimize cost. GradMener service offerings are mainly Cloud Work Force, Build Operate Transfer, Software Testing and Specialized Testing and Recruitment & Staffing. In order to fill in their requirement of around 20 openings they have chosen the expertise of in assisting them in identifying the right campuses and talent across India.

We organized 4 drives for GradMener accordingly and the first one was conducted in the “ Green land of India “ – Haryana on 1st June’13 @ Haryana Engineering College with the Director-GradMener being the interviewer. There was a turnout of 63 students which was made possible by Mr. Ashwani Chabra (TPO-HEC) and one of the candidates was shortlisted for joining GradMener. The hospitality provided by the college and the support staff has to be mentioned in separate as they did an extra ordinary job in making the event a grand success.


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NCR Corporation Campus Recruitment Drive @ Hyderabad, June 8 2013

The campus recruitment 2013 is picking up at a faster pace, with some of the top companies like EMC Corporation, Sonus Networks, TOSHIBA hiring through for 2013 graduates.

The recent client added is a global technology company “NCR Corporation” providing service solution for ATM Machines. The client had openings for fresh engineering graduates BE/B.Tech-(CSE/IT/IS/ECE, 2013) to join as interns.

Team conducted a campus drive at Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad on June 8, 2013. The drive was exclusive for students of 5 Engineering Colleges of Hyderabad (Sphoorthy Engineering College, Scient College of Engineering, Avanthi Engineering College, Vivekananda College, and Malla Reddy Engineering College) and Premium Members of

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Applying But Not Getting Interview Calls!!! Why?

This is a question that a lot of you might have on your mind. Well, look no further. We’re here to answer those very questions.

Now, one of the main reasons that candidates don’t end up getting the call letters for attending interviews is their profile completion. Don’t know what that is? Click Here to find out more about how to complete your Freshersworld profile.

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Alva’s Pragthy – 2013, Off-campus recruitment @ Mangalore, 11 May 2013

Pragthy – an Annual Recruitment drive initiated by Alva’s education society to enhance the placement opportunities in Mangalore region was successfully completed in association with on May 11 & May 12 2013.

Pragthy 2013 saw much bigger response than the previous years in terms of students and company’s participation and turned out to be the biggest recruitment drive in Mangalore.

Alva´s Pra...

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Altisource Placement Drive- May, 2013

Altisource a global technology service provider for real estate, mortgage, asset recovery and customer relationship management consulted for 2012 pass out Engineers with good knowledge of SQL.

•A drive was conducted at office for JobMentor candidates (having score more than 80%) in Bangalore on 30 April & 7 May 2013.

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How to make maximum out of Premium Membership? premium membership logoAre you a Premium Member and still not receiving any interview call letter….

Please Ensure You Follow the DO’s and minimize the Don’ts 

DO and DONTS for Premium membership

The DO’s are:
-A 95% complete profile(Click Here To Know More on 100% Profile Completeness)
-Applying to matching jobs
(For example if Toshiba has a job opening for Engineers with 65 % throughout the academics, then make sure you have 65% in 10th,12th and UG or else you won’t be shortlisted.)
-Always visit profile.

The Don’ts are:

-Don’t blindly apply for jobs
(For example, don’t apply for a Bangalore job if you have given your location as Delhi. You are losing your chance of getting shortlisted)

If a Non Premium MemberUpgrade to Premium Membership 

premium membership

To see the upcoming jobs. Login Now.

If your unable to Login to y...

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EMC Off-campus Recruitment Drive @ BLR, 27 April 2013

EMC- one of the global leaders that offer data storage and cloud computing had an opening for the Engineers to join as Associate project Manager.

Requirements: BE/ B.Tech – (CSE/ IT /IS/ EEE/ ECE) candidates from 2012 batch with an aggregate of 60% and above.


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Alcatel Lucent On/Off Campus Drive @BLR, 27 April 2013

Alcatel Lucent: one of the telecom giant in India consulted to fill their openings with 2010/11/12/13 pass out Engineers from premium colleges (IITs, NITs, IIITs, IISC,BITS-Pilani etc).

•A successful drive to fill an opening with 2010/11/13 Engineers conducted at company premises, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Bangalore on 27 April 2013.

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IIIT-B Mailer campaign to increase 2013 M.Tech Registerations

IIIT-B had difficulty in receiving enrolled application forms for their M.Tech programme. 150 seats were available for their M.Tech programme and the goal was to receive enough applicant pool to fill the available seats for 2013-15 batch.

The Solution:

Application forms were made available by IIIT-B. The interested students had to download the application forms from the website link of IIT-B. We proposed to do a mailer campaign through our platform to all the interested students planning to do an M.Tech programme and the students who participated in GATE-2013.

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