Resume for 1-Year Experience (With Samples)

One-year job experience may not seem like much, but it does secure you a decent role with this much experience. Drafting a resume is a tactful job, with the right approach and order of listing the qualifications, skills, and experience, one can easily grab the attention of the recruiter. In order to get a new job with one year of work experience, one needs to create an efficient resume that highlights the exact skills and experience required for the role. In this article, we will explore the main steps that a jobseeker needs to consider while applying for a new role.

Importance of Resume for 1-Year Experience

Resume plays a key role in deciding your candidature for the role applied for. While experience, and more importantly, years of experience are something that every recruiter looks for. But with one year of experience too, the jobseeker may get a good enough career opportunity if the resume is designed efficiently.

With the right emphasis on the experience that you’ve gained in the one year, one can land a full-time or well-paying job. The present professional experience lets you choose your career path and build it further. 

Resume Format for 1-year Experience

-Enlist your personal details like your full name, address, contact information, and email address

-Put a professional picture on a neutral background

-Put down your professional experience in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent first)

-Highlight your educational qualifications in reverse chronological order again (focusing on your highest two degrees only)

-Ensure that you wrap up all of the above in one page only

Make sure that you also write a summary or objective on the top of your resume. It makes your resume stand out by catching the eye of the recruiter and preparing him/her for the rest to come. 

If you have enough accomplishments that you would like to highlight, you can do that by writing a resume summary. But if this is not the case, you can write an objective of what you intend to do and learn during the course of your job and the ways in which you intend to grow in this role. 

Do’s of  Resume summary or objective

-Use a strong adjective to define your personality

-List down your professional experience and years

-Highlight your best professional skill that makes you fit for the role applied

-Focus on what you intend to learn and how would you contribute to the success of the company

Dont’s of Resume summary or objective

-Avoid bragging too much about your experience and expertise as the recruiter can easily look into such fabrication

-Do not be dishonest about your work experience and exposure

-Don’t go over one page if you have a year’s professional experience

-Don’t enlist long and generic claims without having any instances to support 

Sample Resume for 1-year Experience

Sample 1

Astha Chauhan

Software Developer


Linkedin id: asthachauhan21

D.o.B: 21-02-1995


Software professional with a detail-oriented approach and experience in using Java and Python efficiently. I am an apt problem solver and team player and look forward to solving more complex problems in my professional career. With my current experience and knowledge of using several programming languages effectively, I can help the tech team with building more apps and contributing seamlessly towards the growth of the company. 

Work Experience

Junior Software Developer

ABCD Technologies

January 2022- Present

-Prepared end user documentation for over 5 applications

-Performed daily tech tasks efficiently

-Conducted quality checks for new apps with high accuracy

-Collaborated with the developers’ team to troubleshoot the technical issues

Educational Qualification

-B.Tech in CS.from Galgotias Institute, Greater Noida, Batch 2018-2022. Secured 7.8 CGPA. 

-Intermediate from City Montessori School, New Delhi, Batch 2017-2018. Secured 8.2 CGPA. 





-UX- analysis


-Object oriented programming

-Problem solver


-Technical writing


Microsoft Azure fundamentals in 2021

-Oracle MySQL certification in 2022

Personal Details

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Indian

Languages: Hindi, English , French

Interest: Reading and Travelling


Sample 2

Kshitij Dubey

Digital Marketing Intern


LinkedIn profile: Kshitij321


Seeking a position in a reputed organization where I can hone my skills and build a valuable career. Intending to create value for my prospective employer through dedicated and diligent efforts and work with a team that improves my professional skills and work towards achieving the organizational goals.

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Intern

Oracle Services

March 2022- Present

-Published regular weekly posts

-Drafted press releases for upcoming events

-Maintained PR coverage of business leaders

-Daily tracking of several social handles of the company

Educational Qualifications

-B.A(Hons.) English from Banaras Hindu University. Batch 2018-21. Secured 7.6 CGPA. 

-Class XII from Lotus Valley International School. Secured 88%. Batch 2017-2018. 


-Creative writing

-Google Analytics


-Facebook Insights





-Digital Marketing Certification Course, HobSpot Academy in 2021

-101 Digital Marketing, Simplilearn in 2022

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 11-04-1997

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Indian

Languages: English, Hindi, German

Hobby: Cooking and singing


The above mentioned are two samples of how a 1-year experienced professional can design and draft his resume. With correct drafting of the resume, even with a year of experience, the candidates may find a desirable and promising job that can build a prosperous career for themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

How long should a 1 year experience resume be?

Ideally, for 1-year experience, the resume should not exceed one page. In case you can’t fit the entire information on one page, try to summarize it in one and a half pages only. Keep the information crisp and to-the-point without giving any unnecessary details. 

What is the best resume format for 1 year experience?

The best resume format for 1-year experience will have the following sections-

-Contact information

-Career objective or career summary

-Work experience

-Professional skills

-Educational Qualifications

Is one year of experience considered an entry-level?

An entry level position typically does not require any prior experience in the field. Some organizations may consider one-year experience in the entry-level category, but generally that’s not the case.

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