Why Do You Want To Work In Sales Answer For Freshers

A sales job role helps you build networks in different fields, manage business relationships and develop a good reputation. Sales is one of the most important career options for freshers with ample opportunity in diverse industries. It is suitable for candidates who are willing to be problem-solver, engage into developing relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, hone their interpersonal skills, and have a go-getter attitude.

An experience in sales profile helps you in shaping your career in a positive way. Once you start making connections with industry professionals, you begin leveraging the opportunities to learn more and progress further in your career. Sales jobs are much in demand across sectors as the entire business ecosystem is relying on promotion of products and services. They are also one of the main pillars of businesses as they help bridge the gap between product and customers.

What are the reasons you may want to work in sales?

As a fresher, there are several reasons why you may want to work in sales:

Dynamic and Exciting:

Sales is a dynamic and fast-paced field that offers exciting challenges and opportunities. It provides a platform to interact with diverse customers, negotiate deals, and close sales, making every day unique and engaging.

Development of Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

Sales roles require effective communication and interpersonal skills. Working in sales allows you to enhance your ability to communicate persuasively, build relationships, and negotiate effectively, which are valuable skills applicable in various aspects of life.

Goal-Oriented and Performance-Driven:

Sales positions often come with specific targets and goals, which can be motivating for individuals who thrive in a results-oriented environment. Meeting or exceeding sales targets can bring a sense of accomplishment and rewards, both monetary and in terms of career progression.

Opportunity for Growth and Advancement:

Sales roles often provide opportunities for growth and advancement within an organization. Starting as a fresher, you can develop your skills, gain experience, and demonstrate your potential to climb the ladder to higher-level positions with increased responsibilities and greater earning potential.

Transferable Skills:

The skills acquired in sales, such as effective communication, negotiation, relationship building, and problem-solving, are highly transferable across various industries and roles. This flexibility can open up doors to diverse career paths in the future.

Financial Rewards:

Sales roles often come with attractive financial incentives, such as commissions or bonuses based on performance. This can be appealing for individuals who are motivated by the potential to earn a higher income based on their efforts and achievements.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability:

Sales is a field that requires constant learning and adaptation to changing market dynamics and customer needs. It provides opportunities to stay updated with industry trends, learn about new products or services, and develop a versatile skill set that can benefit you throughout your career.

Why do employers ask: “Why did you choose a career in sales?”

The question employers ask is “Why did you choose to pursue a career in Sales?” To gain an understanding of your motivations, fit with the role and knowledge of the sales profession. This question helps employers determine if you are a good fit for a position in sales and if you have the potential to succeed in a sales environment. Here are some reasons why employers ask this question:

Assessing your interest and enthusiasm:

Employers want to gauge your level of genuine interest and enthusiasm for a career in sales. Your answer helps them determine if you are genuinely passionate about sales or if you are pursuing the role for other reasons.

Evaluating your understanding of sales:

The question helps employers assess your knowledge and understanding of the sales profession. It allows them to gauge whether you have a realistic understanding of the challenges, dynamics, and requirements of a sales role.

Determining your motivation and drive:

Employers want to understand what motivates you to work in sales. Your response helps them assess your level of self-motivation, resilience, and determination to succeed in a competitive sales environment.

Assessing your fit for a customer-focused role:

Sales positions often require a customer-centric mindset and the ability to build relationships. Employers want to determine if you possess the necessary interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and customer-oriented mindset to excel in a sales role.

Evaluating your goal orientation and results-driven mindset:

Sales roles typically come with targets and goals. Employers want to assess your ability to set goals, work towards achieving them, and handle the pressure of meeting or exceeding sales targets.

Assessing your adaptability and problem-solving skills:

Sales can be unpredictable, and challenges can arise. Employers want to evaluate your ability to adapt to changing circumstances, handle rejection, and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles.

How to answer Why do you want to work in sales sample answers for freshers?

As a fresher, when answering the question “Why do you want to work in sales?” during a job interview, consider the following points:

Highlight your interest:

Express your genuine interest and enthusiasm for working in sales. Explain why the field appeals to you and how it aligns with your skills, personality traits, and career aspirations.

Example: “I’ve always been intrigued by the art and excitement of building relationships. Sales offers the perfect opportunity for me to leverage my strong communication skills. It is outgoing nature while making a tangible impact on the success of a business.”

Emphasize the learning opportunity:

Mention your desire to learn and develop new skills. Highlight the sales-specific skills you hope to acquire, such as negotiation, relationship building, and problem-solving, and how these skills will contribute to your long-term career growth.

Example: “Working in sales would provide me with invaluable opportunities to develop my communication and interpersonal skills further. I am eager to learn the art of effective persuasion, hone my ability to understand customer needs, and develop solutions that meet their requirements.”

Discuss the challenge and competitiveness:

Showcase your enthusiasm for a fast-paced and challenging work environment. Highlight your ability to thrive under pressure and demonstrate your determination to excel in a competitive sales environment.

Example: “I thrive in environments that are dynamic and fast-paced, where I can challenge myself constantly. Sales offers the perfect blend of competitiveness and drive, where I can push myself to achieve targets, exceed customer expectations, and grow both personally and professionally.”

Connect with the company and industry:

Demonstrate your interest in the specific company and industry you are applying to. Research the company’s sales strategies, products/services, and market position. Showcase your alignment with their values and goals.

Example: “I am attracted to [Company name] by its innovative sales approach and reputation for providing exceptional customer experiences. I am excited to contribute my skills and be a part of a company that shares my passion for providing solutions that meet customers’ needs.”

Highlight your customer-centric mindset:

Emphasize your desire to help customers and provide value through sales. Discuss how working in sales allows you to understand customer needs, offer solutions, and build long-term relationships.

Example: “”I am passionate about understanding the needs of customers and finding solutions that address their problems. Sales allows me to connect with customers, actively listen to their requirements, and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Being able to make a positive impact on customers’ lives is something I find incredibly fulfilling.”

Showcase your resilience and adaptability:

Discuss your ability to handle rejection and overcome obstacles in sales. Highlight your willingness to learn from setbacks, adapt to changing circumstances, and continuously improve your approach.

Example: “Sales are challenging and I know that rejection is part of the process. However, I have a resilient mindset and see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. I am adaptable and can quickly adjust my strategies based on feedback and market dynamics. It is allowing me to continuously improve and achieve better results.”

Remember to practice your answer beforehand and provide specific examples from your experiences or coursework to illustrate your points. Showing your enthusiasm, passion, and a genuine desire to excel in sales will make a strong impression on the interviewer. It increase your chances of being considered for the role.

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