What Are Key Skills in Resume for Freshers and Experienced

Making your resume is no less than creating art! You are required to project your skills in the best possible manner in your resume. It is a significant step in your job search journey. Most recruiters take not more than a minute or two to skim through your profile before making a decision of shortlisting you. Therefore, catching the recruiter’s attention at this very step makes or breaks your chances of getting a call.

Key Skills to have in a Resume for Freshers & Experienced

So, let’s look at some must-have skills in a fresher’s resume:

Technical skills

The first rule of resume writing is to mention and highlight your technical skill which would include your hard skills that you have acquired either during college, internship, or through experience. These skills remain exclusive as per your field of study and need to be present in your resume in detail.

Communication skills

Communication is a significant aspect of our professional life, irrespective of experience. Having good communication skills not only helps you steer your daily tasks as a professional, it helps in establishing a connect with your peers, managers, and stakeholders thereby making your job a lot easier to complete. It enables collaboration, co-operation and ensures timely completion of work.

Time management

In a work environment, effective time management is an essential skill as you may be involved in more than one task at a time. You are expected to be able to manage time better by making plans, prioritizing work, timing yourself, etc. ensuring your work is completed well within deadlines, if any. Therefore, this becomes an important key skills in resume for freshers and experienced candidates.

Team player

Most of the times, as a professional you would be a part of a team and be required to work towards a common goal. In any organization, working with a team is as important as your personal performance. Therefore, freshers are also evaluated based on how good a team player they are. 

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Adaptability is a skill that is a requisite for both freshers and experienced professionals. Being adaptable and adjusting to the company culture, team, etc. is helpful in terms of having a successful and long stint in the company. 

Work ethics

Having a strong worth ethic shows you have a solid foundation as an individual. Strong worth ethic includes integrity, honesty, reliability and a sense of responsibility towards work. This is considered another important skill while being hired.


Once you become a part of the organization and are handed over your duties, it is then up to you to stay motivated throughout your time in the company. If you are managing a team, it also becomes your responsibility to keep your team members motivated while on the job. This is a key skill that employees look for, while recruiting freshers.

Decision making

Decision making is a must-have in a professional’s skill set. At work, you will be required to make multiple decisions with regard to business, team members, and others tasks. This skill shows your ability to prioritize and move ahead accordingly. This is a skill that can be a beneficial add-on to a fresher’s resume to get recruited in a good company.

Leadership skills

 Being a leader requires you to be possess analytical skills, emotional intelligence and business acumen. This skill means you need to be capable of leading by example and managing a team, ensuring harmony in your team and a lot more. Recruiters are looking for this skill in both freshers as well as experienced resumes as it sets your future path in the organization.

Problem-solving ability

Tackling tricky situations at work with ease and managing it well without disrupting work can be counted as yet another key skill in a resume. This helps build trust with your team, peer, as well as your manager. Problem-solving ability can be considered a useful addition to resumes for freshers as well as experienced professionals.

There is no doubt that it is highly essential to make an appealing resume to attract recruitment managers for that dream job. However, you need to keep in mind that merely mentioning the skills in your resume is not a good idea as it can eventually lead to trouble. So go ahead, make an impressive resume but make sure you add only relevant skills in resume for freshers & experienced.

Happy job hunting!

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