What Should You Focus On During The Interview

You’ve applied for the job of your dreams and you get that interview call you have been waiting for, for months! Congrats, you’ve overcome your first hurdle, it is now time to prepare for your interview and increase your chances of making it a successful one.

Before we get into tips on giving an interview, let’s remember the most important thing that we must do before the interview –  Research! Knowing about the company you are interviewing at, is key! Understanding about the company – what it does, its services or products, its values and presence in the market – shows your seriousness and enthusiasm to join the company.

Important Tips to Focus on During an Interview

Here are some top tips to keep in mind what should you focus on during a face-to-face interview to make it a successful one:

1. Dress Appropriately

When going for an interview, it is highly crucial to follow a formal dress code. This includes professional business attires such as shirt and trousers for both women and men and traditional salwar suit or pant suit for women. Remember to wear clean and ironed clothes and maintain hygiene and neatness like trimmed nails, clean shaven or well-groomed beard, neat hairstyle, etc.

2. Arrive On Time

Timeliness is an important aspect that depicts you are disciplined as well as a person who values time. Ensure you reach the venue of the interview at least 10-15 minutes early. You can utilize the time to gather your thoughts and go through your notes. You can also take this time to calm your nerves and energize yourself for the interview!

3. Bring Extra Resumes

Always remember to keep extra resumes handy. Sometimes an interviewer may not have one around and would like it if you can hand over the same for reference. Also, remember  that if you have a portfolio, you should carry it along to showcase your previous work.

4. Stay Calm

An interview can sometimes get intimidating if the questions seem tougher or if there are more than one interviewer. However, the way you handle this situation will play a significant role in how your interviewer analyzes you. In case of such a scenario where you start getting anxious, remind yourself to stay calm and collected as not doing so can further block your mind. Pause for a few moments, gather yourself and then continue answering the questions.

5. Maintain A Positive Body Language

An interviewer judges you not only based on your skills and knowledge but also on your body language. You must remember to maintain eye contact while answering questions instead of darting your eyes here and there, which could mean you are not confident of your answers. You should also remember to maintain the right posture, sit straight and not move your hands or legs excessively during a face to face interview. 

6. Be Respectful

The company planning to hire will also analyze your behaviour and attitude during an interview. Answer the interviewer’s questions politely and treat them with utmost respect. As this would be the first impression that you will make, remember to have a positive impact on the organization and the people you meet during the interview.

7. Be Your Own Advocate

Focus on the key skills to mention in resume that you are going to highlight in the interview. Concentrate on those points and project your skills and knowledge in the best possible manner to the interviewer. Preparing in advance about how you will go about replying to the question – tell me about yourself – is very important. Frame the flow and structure in your mind before you go for the interview.

8. Stay Energetic

An interview can turn drab if you simply give your replies monotonously. And yes, that can bore the interviewer as well! You don’t want that and for that to happen, you must try and exude as much positive energy you can. Make sure the interview doesn’t get one-sided, have a smooth conversation and stay comfortable throughout the session. This will also exhibit your soft skills which is also a per-requisite for any role in most organizations.

9. Take Time To Answer Questions

In an interview, there may be times when you cannot think of a reply immediately. In this case, don’t lose patience and take a short pause. Remind yourself to take control, take deep breaths and maintain composure and reply to what you know. Do not lie in an interview ever. It is best to keep it simple and truthful. Speak slowly and mindfully and charm your interviewer!

10. Thank Your Interviewer

After the end of your interview, remember to thank your interviewer for taking their time for the interview. It is also a good habit to send them an email later thanking them for considering you for the role. Ensure you follow-up with the HR of the company after your interview, however don’t over do it. 

One should never go for an interview unprepared. Even the most qualified job-seeker needs some preparation to ace an interview and bag the job! Follow these basic how do you prepare yourself to face an interview tips and rules and your interview can be a huge success, if you have the right skill for the role. All the best!

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