Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2023

This list keeps changing from year to year with the change in new technologies. Whereas the top govt roles remain on the list with a slight change in order.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In India – 2023 Edition, Jobs with highest income in India

Data Engineer:(Salary upto 50LPA)

When you are talking about the highest paid jobs in the last 2 years. The common role you hear is either Data engineer / Data scientist or Data Analyst. MNCs and startups are offering 20 to 50 LPA for a mid-level Data Engineer position who is with certification.

Many online and offline institutes are now offering this course with a PG degree in a duration of 6 to 9 months.

IAS Officer:(Salary upto 30LPA)

With respect to the admiration for the role. IAS officers also receive a decent salary of up to 2.5L per month which is 30LPA. There is huge competition for this role as yearly around 10L candidates take up this test and around 800 positions will be there wherein which 100 or less will be for IAS. 

The exam to get into IAS position is UPSC.

Product Manager:(Salary upto 25LPA)

Ideas and flow pay you more. This describes their main portfolio of product managers. Average product manager pay will be 10LPA and a lot of Ed-tech and automobile organizations are offering 20-25LPA for an experienced product manager

Usually, employees with management or engineering backgrounds with product flow experience move into this role.

Doctor: (Salary 20 LPA)

With respect to how much they spend on Indian medical education, they are equally rewarded with decent salary packages from 10 to 20 LPA in all private hospitals post their course completion.

9 out of 10 doctors will run a private clinic and if we include the revenue out of such, this list will be topped by the doctors.

Students should pursue MBBS and MD for becoming a Doctor.

Software Developers(Cloud/BlockChain – Salary upto 20 LPA)

Developers are ever demanding and their salaries on starting from 4.5 LPA with 5 years of experience, most of the mainstream developers are receiving pay of 20LPA in most of the service and product-based organizations.

With the rise of virtual currency, the demand for blockchain developers has literally gone up.

Candidates with a Computer science background with certification in this specific field can become software developers.

CA or Chartered Accountants(Salary up to 15LPA)

Chartered accountants annually earn more money as a freelancer rather than working under a single organization. They are more demanding during the audits and end of financial years. Other than the salary they also get benefits of guest houses and food facilities.

Candidates have to pass CA final to get into this role and should work for at least 1 or 2 years under a senior Chartered accountant professional.

Pilots (Salary up to 15LPA)

Along with Doctor, If you are planning to have a career as a pilot you need to invest a lot in this education. Ideally, you may have to go abroad to speed up this process which again may cost you further.

But ideally, Pilot’s salary is again lucrative and in the end, will give you great benefits along with the salary up to 15LPA. Almost all passenger and cargo flights are now been handled by private industries that are paying handsome salaries for Pilots.

Jobs from Group Exams/SSC Exams:(5-15LPA)

Yearly lakhs of students prepare for Group and Staff selection commission exams. Most of the roles are gazetted and salaries will be ranging from 50000 to 1 lakh per month in multiple departments from excise to municipality.

These all roles are more demanding among the current generation and cracking this test is so tough that a lot of candidates will just take long-term preparation for years to crack interviews.
Any graduate and apply for this role.

Banking officer:(Salary up to 10LPA)

The last but one on this lucrative high-paid list is the banking officer. These roles have equal demand as any RRB or Group exams. All graduates are applicable for taking up this test and salaries will be offered till 10LPA.

Initially, you will be sent for training for a probation period and then will be assigned as a Banking Officer. The public sector is paying better than the private sector and with more amenities.

Engineering Services: (Salary up to 10LPA)

The favourite role for any engineering candidate will be an engineering service and there are multiple exams along with IES for being a public sector engineer. Along with salary benefits, you will also get amenities like House allowances or Quarters.

This role and responsibilities will purely depend on which department you are clearing the exam with. B.Tech in a specific branch is required to attend these exams.

Along with the above roles, there are plenty of freelancer roles that are earning better packages but which haven’t been into a specific career so we haven’t included them.

Investment bankers and a few roles may easily come to this top 10 range next to engineering services.

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