[For Recruiters] Feature Release Update – Daily & Monthly Usage Limits

Dear Recruiters, 

We have introduced the daily & monthly usage limit cap on Resume views/downloads, Mailers, & SMS for all our recruiter accounts in Freshersworld. By default, all accounts will have the same daily/monthly usage limits. 

Oh, wait a minute! Does that hamper my team’s work anyway? Hmmm! Not really. The new usage limits won’t affect your team’s work. The default limits will be more than sufficient for your day-to-day operations. Hence, your team’s all recruitment activity will continue as earlier. 

We know you have got some more questions to clarify; following Questions & Answers may help you:

Why usage limits are introduced?

Usage limit will ensure no unwarranted or suspicious activity will consume all your package credits in one go. For example, you can relate it to your maximum transaction limit set up by Banks on your financial account. Also, a usage cap will ensure data security.

Okay, now how can I check my usage limits?

You can see your daily/monthly usage limit in your Freshersworld account. Follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your Freshersworld recruiter account

2. Go to Dashboard

3. Scroll to the Packages & Credits Section (Account Utilization)

4. Click Daily/Monthly Usage

5. Check your “Allowed & Used limits”

Does my usage limit automatically increase if I buy bigger packages?

No. The usage limits remain the same for all unless you have higher limits assigned to you. If you want higher limits for a valid reason, please reach out to us at recruit@freshersworld.com

What happens if I consume my daily or monthly limit on a particular day?

Daily & Monthly limits will be renewed automatically as per the limit assigned to you. So you can come back the next day or get your usage limit increased in case if you need to perform recruitment activity. 

Where all does Usage limits applicable?

Usage limits applicable only for Resume Database product (i.e. Resume views/downloads, Emailers, SMS on Resume Database). It won’t be applicable for Job postings & activities on responses (i.e. There is no usage limits on Response Views/downloads, Emailers, SMS on Job responses)

Are there any limits on Job postings?

No. You can post any number of Jobs on Freshersworld on any day or month. 

Reach us at recruit@freshersworld.com if you have any suggestions or queries. 

Happy Hiring!

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