Top jobs you can pursue after graduation

People who are reading this article is already a final year student of their respective colleges or universities or those who have freshly graduated. You must be wondering what are the jobs that are available after graduation and how we can decide what is best for us. This is a dilemma faced by a majority of freshers who have no job experience but are ambitious enough to start a career on their own. 

The majority of factors include what stream they have pursued during graduation, what is the percentage of marks they have scored, and what other qualifications those candidates have. Even those who are experienced professionals have also faced this difficulty when they were also fresh graduates. 

We are going to discuss those top jobs that you can pursue after graduation:


Journalism is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy and it gives you a platform to write about current issues that are prevalent in society. It gives you a scope to discover situations from various angles when you visit them. At the beginning of your career, the pay would be low but after a few years of work experience, you can get huge remuneration for your skills. It is mostly for students who have pursued their graduation in arts, mass communication, or journalism but freshers from any stream are welcomed to try it out. 


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is slowly yet steadily is becoming one of the hottest jobs of the coming ages and it is best suited for those who have a keen interest in technology and gadgets. Comparing with traditional marketing, the pay scale is less but the experience is richer than you could ever imagine. You will be handling client projects, posts on social media, or optimizing websites. Although it is an interesting field for freshers, it is highly recommended that you should start your digital marketing career as an intern first because the first six months are vital to get the necessary training before you step into a full-time digital marketing career. 

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Sales Representative

Sales could be an excellent choice if your communication is good and you are able to convince your customer to buy a product that your company has been trying to sell for a long period of time. Mostly you have to work in a retail store which has many products such as cars, mobiles, gadgets or other consumers goods that people are looking for. Most of them are luxury good that people use it to show-off in the society. 

Caution: – It is one of those jobs where you have to deal with customers very politely and efficiently because one wrong remark can turn the customer away. You will often have to deal with people who are usually rude and arrogant. They are high chances that people might insult you or humiliate you in the worst way possible but you have to keep yourself steady and focused on the job

Software Engineer

All these gadgets which we use run on a certain pattern called code. People who code these devices are software engineers. People who are pursuing graduation or engineering in computer science are suitable for software engineering in the IT sector. 

They are more like magicians who can make devices run with a code which dictates the functioning of a device or an application. Many industries like banking, e-commerce, hospitality and food delivery require software engineers/developers to create applications or APIs (Application Programming Interface) so that companies can carry out their business activities without any issues. 

Management assistant

You might have wondered how work life is in the corporate or private sector. It is often a great way of learning how things are being done in the corporate world. A job of a management assistant can give you a clear picture of how a company and its employees manages itself. You will be far more knowledgeable than most of your contemporaries and the knowledge combined with experience will be helpful in the future if you have plans to change careers or pursue higher education like any master degree in any particular stream or an Executive MBA to move upwards in the corporate ladder. 


A teaching position is one of the respectful and pious position in the society. It is genuinely respected and admired by all members of the society. Being a teacher is extremely difficult because it requires a lot of compassion and passion because you have to face a large number of students coming from different backgrounds and some of them may have different learning abilities. Patience is a key factor when you are dealing with students who have difficulty in learning yet eventually, they will become productive in due course of time. Mostly B.Ed. students are recommended to pursue teaching and if you are planning to become a private tutor, it is an excellent way of self-employment. 

Data Analyst

Data Analyst jobs are increasingly in demand in various business sectors. Nowadays business activities are being data driven so that companies can run smoothly and efficiently. Data is now considered more valuable than any other source in the world. It is the lifeline of any company and without it, it ceases to exist, let alone survive in the coming future. Data analyst jobs for freshers can be a brilliant start and more you progress in to this industry, you will become more aware how data is being used on a day-to-day basis. Patterns, data model, data curation, data arrangement and much more things are there to be learned. If you are a science graduate with computer science or statistics, data analyst jobs can be a great start. 

Financial Analyst

Money is everyone’s requirement nowadays and given the pandemic situation, companies are looking for people who could handle their financial resources properly and efficiently. Financial analysts are those people who are capable of doing these activities without any error or issue. The pay scale is quite good when compared with other jobs but it is not without any cons or downfalls to it. Risk is there because you have to remain careful because you are dealing with a company’s finances and one wrong mistake could end your career. Continuous research is needed to study market environment and provide your valuable insight to the stakeholders of your company. A commerce graduate is very much suitable for this job if they have honours in accounting or have recently completed their BBA in finance. 

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