How to reject a company’s offer letter

If you are reading this blog, ideally you would have a better offer in hand from an organization where you want to continue or planning to move to another organization with a better number.

We all have our specific reason to deny or accept the offer letter and the question comes of finding a way to address that and reject it in a smooth way.

Loyalty for the firm you are working with

If you are rejecting an offer letter for the first time you won’t be aware that most employees use this simple formula called “Loyalty”. Example:My current employer is willing to pay the amount you offered me and willing to have my contribution to the new projects. As by having a clear picture of my growth in the next 5 years through this new project, I cannot accept your offer letter and thank you to each and every member of the interview panel for selecting me for this opportunity.

Make it very clear

If your concern is about a better opportunity either with salary structure or position. Come straight to the point and talk to HR verbally about the offer from another organization. If he or she isn’t willing to counter the offer then send them a mail that you are not accepting the offer because of the better package from another organization. Usually, after a lengthy process of hiring a lot of employers try to match with your counteroffer. So just make it very clear.

Not happy with the industry, Say you are moving abroad

Friends informed that there won’t be any growth seen in the industry you are planning to move on? or a bad technology you have chosen to move? Then ideally place it this way.
Dear recruiter, I have a plan of moving abroad for months and luckily I got a referral from a known source in Canada. So I cannot accept this offer at this moment. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Cannot Commute

Say you have recently moved to a place that is not easy to commute to the office on a daily basis. As it cannot happen and you cannot relocate to a new place because of family commitments. Deny this offer.

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