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The term placements just start right before picking up the right college and will set on fire during the final year of your graduation. The ones with bulk placements at their college are of course the lucky ones where they have at least the opportunity to showcase their talent irrespective of their results.
Surprisingly candidates who will be out of the college without any placement in hand will be close to 75% where 15% will be with at least 1 offer in hand and left 10% with multiple offers in hand.

So the problem occurs when you have a question “How do I attend interviews beyond my on-campus placements?”
So let’s understand what are the placement or job emulators beyond campus placements.

There are multiple sources where you will get interview or job information when you streamline all together, Job portals like come in the first place followed up with manual job consultants or manpower consultants and next comes newspaper advertisements and Govt job alerts through their multiple independent websites and next comes the social media groups and pages of job seekers and the last comes to the career pages of MNC organizations.

But can the above sources create the same magic of off-campus drives or on-campus drives? where you can attend drives virtually or in a college in bulk?

The answer is “Yes”, Job-Portals like and Coding/hackathon platform websites are having huge client connections, and with good Connect with TPOs are organizing the off-campus drives either virtually or at colleges helping out these 75% of the graduate number every year by providing opportunity to attend campus placements even post their graduation.

What rounds would be there in such off-campus drives?

Unlike the on-campus interview, it won’t be having the common aptitude round at least after 2021 or 2022. Now recruiters want to speed up the process and want to filter the data in the first round by the key skill they are looking for. If you are very strong at your Computer language labs this round won’t be a big problem for you. 

The second round, if you are attending for an IT Role, will be a technical round F2F where the recruiter will give you a problem and expects you to write a code on a paper. The logic wins here.

Most of the drives are clearing up here and going for the HR round for communication test and salary discussion and the entire pattern will change if you are going for a Non-IT Role. The First round of interview questions will be prepared by the Platforms sometimes and Platforms will be adding the questions onboard upon request by the employer too. 

So do these off-campus placements will be offering less salary packages?
Absolutely No! Freshersworld’s Premium membership and Products of these hackathons will cost you around 500rs to 1000rs. Usually, these products will help you out to reach out to the interviews which are premium ones with salary packages from 2.5 to 20 LPA but either of them can be only cracked if you have real talent to clear all the rounds so you can consider these 2 as the platform to reach out to Top MNCs beyond your college but secondly, these platforms also offer you to attend free walk-ins and Drives without those premium memberships as well. 
When it’s a premium product there won’t be any second doubt about packages as students opt for those products by seeing the CTC offered through these recruitments.

What else are the options beyond a job portal search which can bring off-campus placement touch?

Job Mela should be the correct word where you have bulk recruiters sitting at one place and hiring 100’s of candidates on the same day. But most of the candidates do often complain that these hirings are concentrated more on blue-collar job roles or for less salary packages. But a candidate who is interested to take up any role irrespective of salary packages or roles for sure he will land up in a job if he/she going for a Job Mela. It always depends on the individual choice again and you must keep checking local newspapers for job mela updates.

So if you are looking for campus placement beyond your college! Just don’t get panic and utilize the options provided by Job portals like and start applying for the premium companies matching your qualification.
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