How to ask for a job referral

Have you ever heard that some of your friends or a relative got easily placed in an organization through a job referral? Recruiters to cut down their process or efforts always ask employees if they already knew someone who has the skill set they are looking for and they also offer a priority for the profiles which come through these job referrals. 

Ideally not every job referral will be encouraged and first priority is always the skill set and then comes the Job referral or referred by whom.

So let’s understand how to ask for a job referral?

Set your space first:

Before asking for a job referral always do homework. If you are asking for a java developer role for a known person where the organization doesn’t have any role matching your skillset that may ruin your effort at least for that point in time. So before reaching out to people.

Do proper research on career pages, and job sites and also see their LinkedIn pages so you will get to know if any of your known connections are working in that organization. So once you get to know that they are offering a job that matches your skill set, then it’s your time to ask for a job referral.

Whom you can contact for job referrals

We always search within our circle for job referrals which always decreases our search bandwidth. Start increasing your LinkedIn connections and if you are a fresher and have done an Internship check if you can get a recommendation or endorsement on Linkedin.

Along with this check if your friends can refer you for the same role they are working on. Ask your LinkedIn connections with a personalized message and ask them to check your profile and resume.

If you are an experienced candidate please reach out to all your ex-colleagues who would be working in a similar industry for a job change or some would have developed a new startup you never know how they could help you in which point. 

What are the necessary documents you need while asking for Job referrals?

First, have a common message ready so that you can reuse the content for multiple audiences.
Example content of asking for a referral:

Referral Request Message For Connections – Fresher Jobs :

Hi Raghav,
I am actively looking for a job change. Please go through my resume and let me know if your organization is seeking someone who is meeting the skillset that i have. This effort of yours will definitely help me to kick start my career
Attach your resume

Referral Request For Known Connections – Experienced

Hi Ram,
I got to see that your organization is looking for a software tester. Having gone through the description I felt that I am the best suitable person for the role. As we worked earlier and you have a grip on my working style and skill set, i would want to request to refer me to the role.
Here is my updated resume

Coming to the necessary things you need before asking for a referral are Requesting message content, Updated resume, Recommendation endorsement(if you have one), Job ID or job link where you have seen their job posting and your contact details.

Here are a few tips for you

  • Ask only if you are really suitable for the role or they wont show interest when you really need a referral that perfectly suit your qualification
  • Increase your Linkedin and Corp connections to make job referrals easy
  • Dont follow up too much but a cool follow up post 3 days or a week will really help him to push your profile to the HR manager

Hope you got a great information on the Job Referral topic and we have more interesting topics to read on our blog

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