6 Things you need to know before choosing Engineering or B.Tech

Right from your schooling most of us haven’t had many options to choose in our education line as most of the decisions are been taken by parents or guardians.

You will be kept under a science stream like MPC right at your PUC or your intermediate level which if your first step towards getting into engineering,
Engineering isn’t just a 4-year degree it generates a new engineer every year and sets your foundation for your first job so finding out a few major components before choosing this course is important for every engineering aspirant.

Engineering College always matters:

Prepared for your common entrance test for engineering? Either a state-level exam or a national-level exam like IIT Mains. Choosing the right institute is directly proportional to the score we get in these exams. If we are failing to get a good score it’s losing an option to pick the best institute for your engineering.

Why does choosing the right institute always matter for an engineering student?It shows the impact in many ways right from providing qualified professors for your daily classes to placement opportunities at the right time when you need them.

Ideally studying at a space equipped with great faculty will help your subject knowledge and cross-check their previous year’s placement records before opting for an institute.

Factors like environment, canteen, auditorium should be given less priority than the above-mentioned points

Engineering Branch will decide your whole career

From years picking an engineering branch right after your 12th is been clearly influenced by your seniors or by your brother/sisters. Before opting for any engineering branch do proper research.

Civil engineering does have 2 to 3 levels of maths, and 2 to 3 levels of physics involved in subjects like MOM, and Structures so if you are already scared of vectors or scalers it’s wrong to opt for civil engineering.

Most of the candidates prepare for C or C++(example) as in most of the engineering branches this would be the common course in the first year. So ideally when you are preparing for that you will understand whether you can cop up with coding or not. Picking up computer science branches upon such experience will be a wrong choice.

Proper research about all departments and their placement and job opportunities after graduation will definitely help you in finding the right engineering branch.

Be ready to face the unemployment bash

6/10 colleges in India are unable to place their candidates and every year lakhs of engineering graduates are passing out without any placement. If you have opted the wrong college and by your fate of having a backlog at any year, you could be one among them.

A lot of engineering graduates are pursuing job-oriented courses again and getting placed through institutes or through job portals. This isn’t that easy and there wont be any red carpet if you are out of college so most of the engineering graduates do a lot of hard work right at their 4 year graduation to get placed in a top company which will be brought by their college of an on-campus drive. Job Portals like Freshersworld.com help candidates get them to attend interviews of top MNCs.

Masters option

When you are planning to go abroad for MS and explore more options in abroad, engineering is always the best career and most of the entrance tests are having 10+2+4 as an educational qualification benchmark.

This option is too good for candidates who choose B.Tech CSE or IT as their department.
More Engineering Branches:For decades engineering subjects or syllabus haven’t changed and teaching from same old test books. But from last 2 years there are new branches introduced which exactly meet an IT job requirement.

Few Non-traditional Engineering branches added are:

  • CSE in AI and ML
  • CSE in Cyber Security
  • CSE in Data SCience
  • CSE in Internet of things

Online and Distance education

Engineering is never an online course and even in the future never opt for this. Though the pandemic forced this course for an online syllabus for a certain time this again moved to offline.

Branches like Computer science or IT can anyhow move to Online mode but when it comes to pure technical branches like CIvil, Mechanical and electrical engineering these cannot be done in online mode as there is a dependency of offline labs to learn.
Right career will always help you to find a safe future so choose your steps wisely.

Hope this content is informative for you and share among your friends who are about to opt engineering.

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