Top certifications for freshers to land a job in 2021

It is August 2021 and you are someone who is fresh out of college or university. You are currently looking for a job for your own sustenance and must be wondering what are you missing actually. Today, the world is going through an unprecedented time where people are being laid off or sacked from their jobs. A graduation degree or a master degree of any professional nature is not of much use if it is not combined with some additional skills.

We are going to discuss some top certifications which could land you a job in 2021

1. Ethical hacking

Many of you are thinking that what is ethical hacking? Well, it is a white version of hacking itself. In news, it is often heard that hackers have taken over servers, blackmailed people, done cyber attacks on a country’s cyber security boundaries or have stolen money from secured bank accounts. 

Ethical hacking is quite different when compared with hacking. It is based on the good side of a hacker who hacks peoples’ systems after getting consent from them and tell them what kind of error they have in their systems. It is often an invaluable skill set that is being required by police, government, private businesses and tech companies where these kinds of threats are common. 

2. Foreign language

You are living in India and you are speaking the official languages like Hindi or English and in your state, you are speaking your regional language. But have you ever thought how a language can change your career? Yes; you have read it right. Even language can be made as a career. 

Learning an additional foreign language can help you boost your career because people having expertise in a foreign language can open doorways for jobs in foreign countries where the source of income is much higher than India. You may work as a translator during conferences or business meetings between companies or countries. Try to sort out a language which is currently being used in business scenarios and learn it from a reputed institution. A six-months course in French, German, Spanish or Mandarin (Chinese) can be very much beneficial because these are the languages are now being used in every business sector. A fun fact that these languages which are mentioned here are also the official languages of the United Nations where you have to give an exam to get a job as a translator. 

3. UI/UX Design

The covid-19 pandemic has been quiet devastating on businesses and people as well. Many of these businesses are moving towards the digital platform where they can do transactions and business activities without the risk of infection. 

For an online business, a website is important and the look-and-feel of it. A dull looking website will drive away the potential customers away or people who are important to the business. A website should have an aura which will attract customer from any point of this planet. Who is capable of doing such job? The answer is simple: – The UI/UX designer. 

The UX/UI designer sets the stage for the website to operate on such a scale that the customer buying journey process becomes much easier and more convenient. They make the website adaptable to each and every changing scenario making it a wonderland. An UX/UI design course can land you up in a job which matches your skillset and calibre.

4. Cyber security

Cyber attacks are increasing day-by-day and there is something that is needed to be done. This kind of attacks usually happens on banks, websites and government servers where sensitive information is kept and any of it is released could destroy the very organization it belongs to. 

Cyber security is almost identical to that of an ethical hacker but it is an interesting job where a person gets to know more about the environment they are working in and they have a requirement of remaining updated all the time. If any attack is about to happen, cyber security division always comes to the rescue by assessing the situations and take necessary actions like tracing and reporting it to the legal authorities. A certification in cyber security is very useful nowadays because even governments and private organizations are demanding this skill at a huge percentage.

5. Business intelligence

Business intelligence is one of the skills that is very much in-demand in today’s business scenario where you have to stay ahead of the game of your competitors. A course in business intelligence can give you a head start how to conduct research, create plans and execute them in an efficient way. 

Business organizations are looking for people who can utilize tools to see whether which business competitor is doing what progress in the market. Since businesses have started to come to the digital platform due to the covid-19 pandemic, competition will be extremely high and it will be a race between digital spies. 

Thanks for reading.

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