The second wave of corona virus has hit us with a devastating effect and changed the course of human history. Businesses are down, people are struggling to make ends meet and most probably people are losing their jobs at a rapid speed.

You are also one of them who used to be in a particular industry and earned more than enough to make ends meet but now you are desperately trying to find a job for decent sustenance. Among those individuals there are also freshers who are pursuing other degrees like BBA, MBA, Engineering and others to get a good job in the private sector yet there are also in the same situation where experienced professionals are as well. 

People are now looking for jobs through social media and other job-hunting websites like LinkedIn as per their requirements such as work from home jobs, online jobs, part time jobs, remote jobs and many more. Even those freshers who have recently graduated from their colleges or are in the final year of their colleges are advised to go through a virtual interview process. 

A virtual interview is like any other interview and should be taken in an optimistic way. Fresh candidates, especially, are burdened with what will happen, what kind of questions will be asked, what to do and many unnecessary pieces of stuff that will become obstacles in the future. Attending a significant number of virtual interviews at the beginning of your early career or job hunting can help you reduce the fear and make you more confident than you ever were. 

The following few tips have been given so that you may apply them in your first virtual interviews and who knows, you might also land up in your first job. So go ahead and put your first step towards your first virtual interview.


The best thing about before going for an interview is knowing yourself. If you know yourself, then half the work is done. Self-analysis and self-criticism are needed for a better performance. Gaining knowledge from your strengths and weaknesses can help you a lot by giving you a window where you should improve or where you can enhance your own capabilities. 


Keep an eye out for the industry you are about to step into for your career. A thorough deep-study is needed when you are looking for a job in a particular industry so that you do not have to regret it later. The industries which you are looking for can be lucrative, less-paying or may not match your educational background. There are companies which might publish a job vacancy which matches your skills and qualifications but are asking for work experience of five and seven years. There are some companies where they can hire you as an intern for six months and after that they can make you a permanent employee after reviewing your performance. 


Education plays an important role during these interviews. They might ask you a few questions from a certain area of that particular subject that you have studied during your graduation or post-graduation. They are not only seeing how well versed you are but also judging on the fact that how much practicality you have in that area. A quick revision might be necessary so that you can remember what you have studied so that you can answer correctly and with confidence.


Dress code plays an important role for this kind of interview. Just off-line interviews in various sectors, formal dressing is an absolute necessity and must be taken into serious consideration because it reflects your professionalism, work ethics and your personality. A well-ironed garment can give the interviewer an impression that you are a professional and want to be a part of the organization and its culture. Even in corporate organizations, dress code has a meaningful impact whether you are in a board meeting or a team meeting. Dress sharp and neat whenever you are having a virtual meeting of this kind. 


Whenever a storm happens, the hardest tree gets uprooted easily but those trees who are as flexible as grass remain firm and always ready for another upcoming storm. Panic, hesitation or fear has to remain at lower levels. If your adrenaline hits the brain, the situation can get haywire and it might spoil your interview. Just breathe and relax as much as possible because relaxation is the key to your success. Either meditate or focus on the meeting without tensing your mind muscle so that the path which you are going to take will become much smoother for you to walk. Just breathe and relax. 


Background noises are extremely unprofessional and do not do any good for you. Always be in a clean and quiet place where you can attend the interview without any disturbance. When the camera is about to get on, make sure the room in which you are having your interview is squeaky clean and well-lit so that it can indicate to the interviewer that you are from a decent family and very much interested in the job. Try to keep yourself on mute whenever the interviewer is talking with or asking you questions to avoid small or medium noises from disturbing your meeting. 


Grooming is essential for any interview. It shows cleanliness, professionalism and etiquette to the interviewer. 

For men-make sure, gentlemen, that you are clean shaved, well-dressed and haircut should be of decent length and combed as well. Wear formals and a tie to compliment your look. Try to avoid too bright or too deep colours and use light coloured-fabrics. If necessary, use a coat and for the shirt, use sky blue, white and light orange.

For women- Ladies should try to avoid heavy makeup but if you want to have some, keep it minimal so as to look professional. Formals are accepted and hair-should be well-combed. 


Corporate-level interviewers are also experts in reading body language. A slight wrong movement can be disastrous and in virtual interviews, utmost precaution is to be needed. Never slouch or lean forward because it shows extreme levels of laziness and a laid-back attitude. Keep your back straight and look right into the camera to show your interest towards the job interviewer. Look into the camera to maintain eye contact with the interviewer and give a light smile. 

  • SPEAK 

The secret of effective communication is speaking with confidence. It is just a conversation between two individuals- your main task is to answer honestly and sincerely. Most candidates get stuck when they are asked, “Say something about yourself” and it is a nightmare for them. But it is not. Tell them your name, age, qualification, education and your hobbies. You can tell what you are doing during this lock-down or quarantine or other activities to keep yourself busy. Never shy away from answering and be confident. The confidence should reflect in your words, grooming and body language. 

These are the few tips that can help freshers to sit for an interview and even if they do not make it in the first time, the second time will give far more effective results because now they know what it is like to sit for an interview. 

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