Add a foreign language skill to make your resume stand-out

Do you know you can outshine the other candidates by adding a foreign language skill to your resume?

Are you the one who is still confused about whether or not to learn a foreign language to advance your career, or are you the one who is unaware of the foreign languages that are being learned and are in great demand nowadays?

 If you think you are the one, then this blog is perfect for you. 

This blog tells you everything you need to know about foreign languages.

Foreign languages have been in great demand in recent years. As businesses are going global, the demand for foreign languages is also rising.

Not only that you have to learn a foreign language because it is in high demand and offers you a great job and lucrative packages.

There are many benefits of learning a foreign language that you can use in your professional career and personal life. Do you want to know how? 

Why should you learn a foreign language? The important question is why not?

After all, there are plenty of benefits, scopes, and career possibilities you can get in India as well as abroad after learning a foreign language.

Today, learning a foreign language is as advantageous to a working professional as it used to be the case with being able to speak the English language a few decades ago.

Many companies and multinational corporations prefer candidates who are fluent in English and also speak another foreign language. So, if you get somewhere in an interview where the rest of the candidates have no foreign language skills, then you are almost right in the middle of it. 

It also makes a good impression on the recruiters and interviewers as it shows that you have invested your time and shows the efforts in learning a new language since learning a foreign language is not a cup of tea. Mastering a language is not easy as it takes time, dedication, perseverance, patience and, consistency.

You need to dedicate your time to excel in something. In this blog, you will also know the language level required in companies and other organizations.

Top Demanding Foreign Languages to Learn in 2021:

However, if you wish to make your career in foreign languages, you should be well aware of the top foreign languages that are highly in demand in India and worldwide. They are German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean. 

Before getting into the languages in detail, you might be interested in knowing all the advantages right.

Reasons for learning a foreign language: 

A world full of career opportunities

  • Foreign languages are in great demand in MNCs, the corporate sector, Govt jobs, the educational sector, the banking sector, and in many other areas where the use of foreign language is considered. 
  • You can even get a chance to travel abroad and settle in foreign countries. But that depends on the organization to organization and the type of process. 
  • As globalization is already in its full swing, you might even get a good chance to work with people whose first language isn’t English. Maybe it’s a development team in India, or a manufacturing plant in China, or an automobile in Germany. It makes much value to your employer when you can communicate in a foreign language as it provides a competitive edge on your resume and without a doubt is an eye-catcher.
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Better pay:

  • Learning a foreign language will provide a good hike in your salaries. 
  • The foreign language experts usually earn better than those of English-speaking jobs. 
  • So now you can see how a foreign language increases your earnings to the great extent. Who wouldn’t like to earn double or better than their colleagues? 

Growing relation between India & foreign countries: 

  • India and foreign countries enjoy a strong partnership based on shared, economic, strategic interests, and historical relationships. 
  • Many businesses abroad are looking forward to setting up their base in India, as part of their global extension strategy.


“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world” – Chinese Proverb

  • It gives you a wide exposure as when you learn a language, you experience and learn a lot of new things and get to know a lot about different cultures and their living lifestyle. 
  • You get a chance to learn and speak that language with native speakers and make new connections with them. You can develop meaningful friendships with them.  
  • When you start speaking a foreign language, what bigger exposure can you get. It is always a wonder listening to someone who speaks a foreign tongue. 
  • Do register with us to know more about such topics. We provide useful blogs which can help in your career. 

Makes you smarter:

  • Learning a foreign language makes you capable of doing problem-solving skills, better reasoning, and helps in making rational decisions. 
  • You will feel like prioritizing your tasks better and will be a multi-tasker. 
  • Studies have shown that when you learn any foreign language, it sharpens your memory and mind and also boosts brainpower. Isn’t that good enough? 

Makes you more open-minded: 

“A different language is a different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini 

  • When you get soaked into a language’s culture completely, it makes you more open-minded, understanding, and a tolerant individual. 
  • As you learn about different cultures, gain knowledge about that language, traditions, country, and people, it helps to develop a different perspective in life. At the same time, when you learn about a different culture, it makes you appreciate your own culture.

Makes your life more interesting: 

  • Believe it or not, a new language can make your life more interesting as you get open to socializing with people from different cultures, thus building your network globally.  
  • You can also add new music to your playlist and experience new songs in that language. 
  • Similarly, you get to experience a new culture whole together concerning literature, cinema, arts and, cuisines. 
  • Bring the newness in your lives and you will probably feel happier, more engaged and it might also work as a stress buster for you. Kudos!
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The Proficiency Levels to Acquire in a Foreign Language: 

As each foreign language has its own proficiency levels and certification procedures, so it is very important to know and plan for the level to be achieved in a foreign language.

Since I’ve already told you which languages ​​you should learn in 2021, let’s go into a little bit of detail.


  • The German Language proficiency levels are based on the exam named ‘Zertifikat Deutsch’ (ZD). It is based on the levels of the CERF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It is an international standard for describing language skills.
  • CERF organizes language skills in 6 levels, A1-C2, which can be divided into three broad levels: basic user, independent user, and proficient user.
  • Describes the levels using “can”:

Level A: Basic user: This level is required by students who want to obtain a visa or a residence permit in Germany.

A1 Level: Beginner 

  • A German A1level student can introduce himself and others well, 
  • can speak, read, write and listen to very basic German,
  • can ask simple questions and understand simple sentences.

A2 Level: Elementary 

  • can understand commonly used expressions related to topics,

can take part in routine conversations,

  • can understand sentences.

Level B: Independent User: This level is required by students:

  • who want German citizenship (at least B1), 
  • language experts who are looking for work in multinational companies, corporations, embassies in India. (Today companies are primarily looking for a B2 level or higher, but in a few companies B1 is also acceptable.) 
  • who want to work as a German teacher in schools. (B1 and higher levels are acceptable)

B1 Level: Intermediate

  • can express himself in familiar situations and areas of personal interest,
  • can express his own opinions and thoughts on a topic, 
  • can talk about dreams, desires, passions, goals. 

B2 Level: Upper-Intermediate

  • can understand the main topics of complex texts,
  • can express himself on a variety of topics,
  • can communicate fluently and spontaneously with a native speaker without any problems.

Level C: Proficient User: 

  • At this level, the students speak German fluently. It is recognized by all German universities and accepts certificates for German courses. However, some universities also accept B2 or C1 certifications. 
  • Teachers are authorized to teach the German language and literature at universities and colleges in India. (Level C1 / Level C2) 
  • You can teach at any Goethe Institute in the world. (After doing a specialization teaching course from the Goethe Institute.) 

C1 Level: Advanced

  • can understand a wide and extensive range of demanding texts,
  • can speak fluently without having to look up words,
  • can deal with unfamiliar topics.

C2 Level: Proficient (almost native speaker)

  • can read almost as quickly as a native speaker,
  • can easily understand the main topic of the text, 
  • can understand practically everything which he or she hears or reads. 

This is all about German. In the same way, the proficiency level exams are carried out for the languages French and Spanish. They follow similar levels A1-C2 as per CERF guidelines. 

If you also want to know regarding the language proficiency levels of Chinese, Japanese and Korean at one place, don’t forget to check out our upcoming blog. Follow us on our social media channels to keep in touch with our blogs and more.

I hope you find this blog useful.

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