Switching from ECE/Mech/Civil/EEE to IT Sector?

You have done your engineering in any of these branches and found your friend who has done IT / CSE getting a job faster and now you plan to switch to an IT job? Let’s discuss the pros, difficulties, and what you are going to miss? 

Let’s talk about cons first:

  • Lack of basics: So it is difficult to learn higher coding languages
  • Non-permanent job and this career path always look for younger talents
  • When you clear a course for 1 year; it already set you a year gap
  • You may need to face hypothetical questions in interviews (Why you are switching to IT field: Example )

Positives to say:

  • If not coding! You can get into a diff IT roles such as “BPO  Dept” “Tech Support”
  • You can avail flexible working hours
  • High paid salaries in short terms and weekend holidays
  • Chances of going abroad
  • If you try irrespective of qualification getting an IT job is not that difficult
  • If your family needs you for financial support; Choosing an IT job is the only best option for you!

What you are going to miss?

  • 3/4/5 years degree what you learned
  • Your courses would have more govt job opportunities
  • Your friends with whom you studied with will have a different career life and you with another

Picking a career path is just not a simple step it decides your entire career so do it wisely.

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