Job Opportunities in Bengaluru

Bangalore, or the now rechristened Bengaluru, is the city of opportunities more so for the techies – IT, ITES, Semiconductor among many others. Jobs in Bengaluru are  abundant, talk about technology and its there in Bengaluru. Most of the eCommerce companies are headquartered in Bangalore and any of the e-commerce models is first tried and tested in Bengaluru. Begaluru is also the Start-Up capital of India apart from being IT Capital / Silicon valley of India. Many Start-ups do their dry-runs for building a model.

As outlined earlier, any tech job in the offering first has its requirement opening up in this city. For instance – Machine Learning, Artificial Engineering requirements date back to 2009-10 and early concepts like Big Data had job opportunities here for the first time in India. India’s first ecommerce company Fabmart, fabmall and later started from Bangalore. So in a way this is the city which pioneered in Delivery Jobs, and continues to be the testing ground for many such disruptions.

A quick look at the Firsts for Bengaluru, with a close link to kinds of Jobs it manufactured:

  1. Data Scientist / Analyst Jobs
  2. Big Data Jobs
  3. Machine learning & AI Jobs
  4. Most number of eCommerce companies
  5. Huge density of Delivery Jobs
  6. Most number of Platform Jobs
  7. Top IT Services Jobs
  8. Biggest Programmer / Coding Community
  9. Semiconductor Jobs

This is not a complete list, this will be quite a long one, so we’ll leave it by focusing on important profiles.

The Delivery Jobs are abundant, as we speak, we can see close to 10,000 Delivery Jobs in Bangalore / Bengaluru across various portals with more than 2L vacancies. itself has close to 10K vacancies with about 1000 jobs posted. In 2020 we,, posted 5962 Delivery jobs with multiple vacancies. We actively hired Zomato, Swiggy, Rapido among others.

With the government providing Social Security Net for Gig Workers and Platform workers in the Feb 1st 2021 Budget presentation, we see a huge opportunity and scope of growth in this sector.

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