Important things to carry for an interview?

Hope you are preparing for your first interview process and you are excited to give your best and crack this Interview. It is important to carry a few things whenever you are attending a college campus drive or a job fair or even an interview at an organization.

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First –  Multiple copies of Resume:

You need to have a minimum of 3 copies of your Resume when you are attending a top MNC interview, especially at your college premise. Few recruiters do have a habit of writing their feedback on the white portions of your resume and they won’t be giving it back to your second round.

so it’s advisable to have multiple copies so you can showcase that to the 2nd round interviewer if in case your resume is not being forwarded. In another case if you are attending a job fair its always advisable to have more resume copies as you will get a chance to attend as many job drives as you can on the same day. Dont try to use the same resume as it may look cluttered.

Second – Pen

During your technical interviews, a lot of recruiters will ask you to write logic on the backside of your resume to understand your knowledge in coding. It creates a very bad remark if you are borrowing a pen from the recruiter at that point of time, so it’s advisable to carry your own pen.

Third – Certificates & College Degrees

Please carry a file of your resume and certificates together when you are appearing for a technical interview, there is a possibility of recruiters verifying your certificates which are available offline to cross-check if you have really cleared it or not. if you have such training-based certificates and college pass-out degree certificates, please carry them for your offline interviews

Last – ID proofs

If all goes well we mean if you clear the interview, they want to register you as their employee on the same day, and they will ask for your original govt ids to scan your documents. So kindly carry those without fail.

Hope this information is useful and if you are a fresher and actively looking for a job, then register today at to apply for MNC jobs.

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