Why is the Group Discussion round important?

Talking more time and opposing one’s opinion is never the moto of group discussions. We keep watching a lot of freshers who overlap a few and try to grab the opportunity to attract the Interviewer.

Let’s first understand why do group discussion round has been Introduced:

Every company expects its employees to be confident enough when they are discussing anything with their fellow employees. The words should be clear and cut short to the point as every second is money for an employer.

Your profile may or may not interact with a foreign client, but companies do not take any chance of recruiting a candidate who is poor at communication and presentation skills. So ideally your group discussion is a primary filter where a recruiter decides if you are a right fit or not.

What do recruiters expect from a job seeker?

If he or she asks you to talk for a minute in this round, take an interesting point where you know 100% and talk for 30 seconds more, and stop it by saying thank you.

If they ask you to have a debate kind of discussion with fellow job seekers. Either stand first if you are confident on the topic or let one or two job seekers speak on the topic and utilize this time to gather the info and alongside try to continue the topic where it got ends, Never try to oppose someone if you are not 100% confident on that. Take necessary pauses which help to gather interesting words to attract an Interviewer.

Appreciate it if you like anyone’s point and try to add your add-on opinion on that. Few recruiters like proofs or numbers. While you are talking try sharing some examples or numbers.

We have also made a couple of videos on Group Discussion and how to excel in that in your first attempt.

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