How to improve your English accent?

The challenge for every Indian is to overcome MTI(mother tongue influence) which often blocks them to get a fluent accent when they speak English. In this blog, we are going to learn how to improve your English accent.

Youtube videos:

There are a number of videos available for free now on how to improve your English either it could be the use of synonyms for the words which you commonly use or the way of using phonetics when you speak. Choose the best playlist where you can clearly understand the presentation and speak the words along with the presenter and complete a series. These practices will help you to learn new words as well and also help you in the understanding of the correct way of pronunciation of words.

Speak English:

A few say to speak in English at home as well. Never do this if you are already ok with a mid-range of accent as it affects your style and you may have to convince in your accent if your parents are not strong with the language. Use it wisely in front of people who are better than you. Start understanding the way of using words and the accent and catch them all. Use those wisely during your next conversation.

Read English:

Have the habit of reading International blogs and news articles. When you read them make sure you are using the right accent and pronunciation. If you are not sure about the pronunciation use google to correct it. When you keep reading have a habit of reading out so you will become more confident when you hear your pronunciation.

Take Gaps:

People use fillers like “Hmm” “ahh” which spoil your accent. These keep coming in your conversations when you are not confident on how to present content or if you are not confident enough about the topic. So take necessary to think about the topic and use the right accent to present it.

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