How to apply for a job as a fresher?

Employment is one of the few things that keeps a man/woman motivated during their career. People who are now studying in schools, colleges and universities or are in their final years are now taking a call of what they should do to make themselves employed and earn a decent income. 

This is something that is needed to be addressed quickly and with utmost care so that students are in the right direction and get their dream job. The youngsters are often confused because there are opportunities out there and they often jump into it without knowing what is in there for them. So, the question arises how to apply job as a fresher or what is the best job for freshers out there? 

It is a very complicated question to answer because some that are to be considered is your educational background and also your work experience combined with your work period that is how many days you have worked for and whether your work is seen in favourable light or not. 

The following steps that you can apply as a fresher are given below so that you can take your first step towards job hunting: – 

1. Build a Resume for a job application

A resume is a document where you are featuring your professional details, your skill set, and any other activities that you have done in your life. Try to make it look thorough and professional as possible because even your resume speaks for you. Keep it clean and leave some white space so that it looks clear as crystal.

2. Review your resume before submission

Cross-check your resume before applying for a job because if any there are any grammatical error, it can cause a huge blunder and will significantly reduce your chances of getting a job. It can also give of a bad impression to your about-to-be employer that you are an uneducated candidate and unfit to join the organization. Even in the worst-case scenario, you might get blacklisted forever to ever join the organization or any other related organization. 

Keep your personal details accurate because nowadays companies are also cross-checking the candidates’ background so that they do not recruit fraudulent individuals who can cause damage to the organization. Grammar and background details are now being cross-checked so that any kind of corporate espionage does not take place. So, keep it authentic and real as possible.

3. Social-media can help you find a job as well

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are places where you visit and make friends as well as connect with your loved ones. Nowadays, youngsters are spending their days just procrastinating on social media videos, influencers or on posts that have no input or output in their professional lives. It is high time that this kind of time wastage must come to an end. 

Jobs are now being posted on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter where you can easily apply with your resume. Look for jobs that are hiring freshers and if the companies are hiring for six months as an intern if the candidate is willing to become a permanent employee, then it is better that you join them. At least it is better than doing nothing at all. 

4. Attend Job Fairs for interviews 

Job fairs are brilliant opportunities where you can apply for jobs. It is a good way to visit one of those fairs to get a perspective of what kind of employees are now in demand for the current job market. Make sure to make the most out of it and if any top tier company arrives, grab the opportunity and take advantage of it. Make it a learning experience. It is okay if you are not selected but the lessons which you are learning are extremely valuable. 

5. See the career profiles of the company you want to join

Top companies often have a separate careers section where there are job postings in their companies where they allow freshers as well as experienced candidates. See what kind of application process is done there and who are eligible to apply or join them. Try out various companies where this kind of profile matches your skillset. 

6. Network building is necessary

Keep building your network on professional sites like LinkedIn. The reason is that if you join a company for a couple of years and you leave after working, it can be highly beneficial for you. Keeping your profile open to work can provide you various job opportunities and a handsome salary that you have always desired. Join communities and groups to learn more about the changing scenario in jobs that can give you a clear vision how you would like to plan your next step. 

Connect with people especially HR executives because they are the ones who are posting job notices and you can directly talk with them as well. 

7. Extra-curricular activities might help

There is no harm if you have more than extra. Sports activities or NCC certificates play a major role in your career enhancement. It gives your future employers that you are an active participant in any job activity and thus you are a suitable fit for the organization. Even if you never had any experience of that sort, try to participate in other activities like quizzes or marathons. Apart from winning, the participation factor showcases your willingness to do things. 

8. Be well prepared before attending an interview

Take extra precaution whether it’s in your appearance, way of speaking, behaving or approaching prospective employers so that you can give your best effort and get a better result each time. Try to take out time out of your daily schedule and spare an hour for reviewing yourself. In this way you are creating a strategical approach towards your careers. 

9. Salary Negotiation as per company norms

Salary is something that everyone needs. Try to keep it as per company norms because you are a fresher and you have less power to negotiate a salary as per your demand. So, keep it nominal and reasonable. 

Good luck, freshers

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