8 tips To Ace A Telephonic Interview

There are telephonic conversations as well as physical conversations for interviews. It depends on the company on which mode of communication they require. Phone interviews are critical for your job. There are two types of phone interviews – Scheduled and unscheduled phone interviews. Scheduled interviews happen when the company gets to you via email or text you about the telephonic conversation timing. Unscheduled interviews are those that can call you anytime. It’s okay to schedule an unscheduled interview, do note. You can tell them that you are not available at the moment and whether you could push the interview to your preferred time. 

Here are 10 tips that will help you ace your telephonic interviews – 

1. Confirm the time

Confirm the date and time of your interview a day before it takes place. Add it to your calendar so that you don’t forget to pick the call. Be alert and aware. Punctuality is one of the best impressions for interviewers.

2. Reschedule if needed

If you cannot have the meeting at the suggested time, let them know. Email them and tell them that you are not able to attend the call at the specific time and reschedule if necessary, and let them know when exactly you can be free for them.

3. Research right

Look at the company website and social media, learn about their values and goals. Having knowledge of a company will make a huge difference as the interviewer will be impressed by how much you have researched about this potential company that you might work for.

4. Learn about your job description

Knowing what you are going to work as is the biggest plus for impressing your interviewer. This shows that you are really interested in your position.

5. Listen to the interviewer

Listen to your recruiter properly. Engage with them and ask informative questions. It’s always good to be engaging and talking to your interviewer to have a good bond with the person. Be attentive, ask insightful questions, and engage with the recruiter. 

6. Smile

Even though you are talking over the phone, smiling during the interview can show a positive tone in your voice. Your interviewer won’t be able to see your smile, but they’ll be able to hear it. Do Practice smiling.

7. Charge your phone

Make sure your phone is fully charged before the interview. Maybe call your friends and test your call connection, call quality and mic. Be ready beforehand so that you are sorted with everything.

8. Speak properly

You can start practicing by standing against the mirror. Try to talk without mistakes and try your best not to use fillers. Observe your communication skills properly and speak accordingly. Be kind on phone.

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