How To Research A Company Deeply Before Attending Their Interview

1. Research The Company Website

Go to the website and check whether the company is legit. Once you have confirmed that it is legit, start looking at the services and products they offer. How do they make money? Why do customers choose their services over other services?

2. About us

In this section, you can see what their aim for the present and future is. You should find the team members working in that particular company, and in this way, you can try and get to know more about your workmates and bosses respectively and judge whether this company culture is fit for you or not.

3. Read About Their Developments

Start reading on some recent developments and press releases of the company to get a sense of what they are working on. In this way, you can actually impress your recruiters easily, because you have already researched about them and this shows high enthusiasm in joining their particular company.

4. Check Their Social Media

Look at the company’s social media handles such as Facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn etc to know more about the organization. Here you will be able to see the work culture of the company.

5. Research On Competitors

If you want to impress the company you want to work for, do deep research into their competitors. In this way, the recruiters know that ypou are a serious candidate and an asset to the company, at the same time. Knowing your competitors is a huge plus and knowing how to be better than them is even a bigger plus. Doing this will leave your managers VERY impressed.

6. LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the easiest places to find the employees in a given organization. LinkedIn basically shows everything you need to know about managers, leads and employees. Find people that could interview you. LinkedIn is a powerful tool if you plan on using it the right way.

7. Research the Hiring Manager

LinkedIn can find you the hiring manager and usually, he or she will take up your interview. So its always important for you to make an impression on them. You can find their similar interests and build a better rapport, which can benefit you in the future.

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