” Your Job is on Probation Period” – What does this mean?

Joining a new company can be hard. And for most freshers and recruits, a new job might begin with a mandatory probation period. The term ‘Probation Period’ might sound confusing for many, but here is a quick guide to help you understand what probation periods mean and what to do about it – 

What is probation period?

The probation period refers to a period of time that the company requires so that they can access whether you are fit for your role in their organization

How many months does a probation period last?

Probation period can last from 3 months to even 1 year. It usually depends on the company you choose and according to their policy.

What happens during probation period?

During probation period, the employer can know whether you can be a perfect fit or not in their organization. This is based on how you take up your responsibilities and how the person fits in with the other employees and authorities. On the other hand, this is the best time for you to realize and recognize whether you are comfortable in handling all the responsibilities that the company is giving you. 

Do you get salary during the probation period?

Employees working under probation should get a salary. However, it might be less than the salary of a permanent employee and will come with much benefits or perks.

Should you complete your probation period?


Why should you complete your probation period?

Probation periods might seem difficult. But you have to make the right decision if you are planning to quit. This is because, once you quit, there’s no turning back. You might have missed out on a huge opportunity so watch out.

  • To develop skills and achieve

Use the probation period as a great time to polish your skills. In this way, you will understand how the company functions and you might discover a new interest in something or the other.

  • To get the benefits of a full-time job

When you take your salary during the probation period, it never comes with the perks and benefits of a permanent job. Completing the probation period means that you get a higher salary, you are eligible to raises, promotions, and health insurance. 

What is a probation period extension?

The employer or manager may order a probation period to be extended if

  • the given probation period is not enough to evaluate the employee’s performance
  • There are projects that have to be completed before a permanent post can be offered

How to pass your probation period successfully

  • A healthy and positive attitude is the key to success
  • Keeping track of your progress
  • Observe keenly and learn everything
  • Connect with your colleagues and make friends
  • Be open to criticism
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