Tips To Impress Recruiters Using Your Resume or CV in 2020

A resume is the most important piece of document when you look for a job. Before you meet or speak to anyone in a company, you’re shortlisted based on your resume.

Let’s check out a couple of tips that will improve your CV:

Personal details? Your full name, phone number, and email address. You already know this.

How many years of work experience? Jot down all the places you’ve worked. This includes your job title, from when you’ve started working as well as your core responsibilities. For experienced people, it is always good to list out the targets you’ve accomplished within the organization.

Where did you study? Jot down your academic details starting from when you’ve started going to school, to the very last academic qualification you possess. Do not forget to include the degree you have the year you passed and the name of the institution.

Where are your achievements? List the achievements you received at your high school college or even your previous workplaces. Mention the award title, after all it’s important to flaunt your trophies to potential organizations!

Did you do any courses? If you have finished a course or a certification anywhere or anytime in your life, make sure to jot it down in your resume as they are bonuses that can work your way up to better companies. Mention the courses even if they’re part-time or online.

Are you skilled? Mention the skills you possess. Soft skills, hard skills, everything you got. It’s important to let employers know that you’re rightfully skilled.


Now let’s take a look at how you can improve your CV and overall chance of landing interviews.

Create a professional email ID. Remove the “coolboy” email ID you’ve been using for your Facebook and create a professional one. Use your full name.

Use bullet points. Use bullets whenever you write a resume, it’s easier for employers to read and go through.

Use subheadings. To make your resume easily scannable, use subheadings. Most busy recruiters don’t have the time to go through CVs. So, they use an ATS to shortlist CVs. Always remember, subheadings are ATS friendly.

Stop using photos. Recruiters don’t reject or select based on how good you look in your passport-sized photographs. Only use your photograph if the specific organization asks for it. 

Happy job hunting!

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