Does MBA really help you after your BTech?

Engineers going for MBA are not a rare thing these days. With less core jobs for freshers, there is hardly much option for them to consider but go with the only one that could give them some job security and a better future option than struggle with codes when all you did was study machines. Lack of technical jobs for freshers is such a big problem that needs to be addressed; what with all those new engineering colleges opening up in every next city/town.

Lets take a quick note on the positives

  1. The fresher’s dilemma: The most prominent reason why B.Tech pass-outs go for MBA is the lack of openings at the core and technical levels. Lack of experience makes them anxious when they find no other option for them but to go ahead and try their luck in management and in the meanwhile accept whatever little pay they get at work.
  2. Boredom: Even when you hit upon your core job, you get bored soon doing the same kind of technical jobs that becomes melancholic after a few years. They get the feeling that they are stuck in the race where things are not even moving ahead. Reality hits home and engineers are out to explore the only option closer and that is MBA.
  3. Growth: Apart from boredom another reality that gives nightmares to engineers is the lack of growth prospects at their jobs. It is like waking up to the same stuff every day and being hopeless about anything better to happen in your life. To attain new heights, they do need to add management skills to their technical ones.
  4. Comes handy: The marketing and sales enhancement capabilities come in handy even if your technical skills are enough to get you a place at the company. The pricing of a particular product, its marketing and management, analyzing the outcome, and designing better strategies to sell them off is extremely helpful. Apparently, engineering did not teach you any of these, hence leaving you to the only option and that is getting into a B-school.
  5. Complimentary: If engineering focuses on the creation of something, management is all about getting the creation sold out. If engineers are good at designing things, management studies make them able to deploy the designs too. The soft skills are extremely important too and since that was never taken into consideration while you were graduating, MBA comes to the rescue.

MBA after B.Tech/BE depends upon person to person. It is perfectly Good. Firstly, student, who have technical skills they can explore into management skills. Secondly, In engineering not taught about how to start a business. So it is beneficial to start up. Lastly, It is not about only job security, Its about gaining knowledge and another skill from management.’’

Some colleges offering MBA degrees after engineering are IIT Kanpur, Amity University, Symbiosis, etc.

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