Why India Needs to Worry About Freshers and the Impact of Lockdowns

Introduction: Why does India need to worry about lockdowns and freshers?

Lockdowns could be an indication of a market slowdown and it can also lead to layoffs. On the other hand, freshers are often used as a sign that the economy is not slowing down and that companies can afford to hire newer graduates.

India should worry about lockdowns and freshers because they might indicate changes in the Indian economy. If there is a lockdown, it could lead to layoffs for some people and if there are many freshers entering the job market, it could mean that India’s economy is still growing.

Lockdowns are a new way of paving the way for freshers to enter the market. They can be seen as a temporary notice period for fresh employment.

Lockdowns are also known as pre-placement offers which is an agreement between the company and the candidate, where they mutually agree to not accept any other offer during the lock-in period. This duration is usually set to one year, but can vary depending on the company’s preference.

With the Indian economy on a downward spiral, it is no surprise that job seekers on a quest for better employment opportunities are on a constant lookout. On the other hand, employers are on a lookout for candidates who can fulfil their job requirements and contribute to their organizations’ success.

Lockdowns in India & the collateral damage on the job market 

India has been hit by this pandemic  and the high-population density. As a result, India had to go in lockdown which meant schools were closed and offices were shut down for about three days in order to reduce the risk of contamination. The lockdown period also led to unemployment levels increasing by 10% because these people couldn’t return to work during this time.

India is the most affected country in the world when it comes to Covid pandemic. There are lockdowns in crowded cities and rural areas. This has led to a high unemployment rate with lakhs of people who are looking for jobs.

The pandemic affects India’s job market in many ways. The lockdowns have caused industries to shut down which has led to mass firings and large-scale unemployment.

Lockdowns have also led to loss of business for companies which were dependent on tourists coming in from around the world, affecting their profits, production capacity, and growth rate.

The government is doing their best by setting up employment cells all across India but with little success due to shortage of resources.

The pandemic has caused a shortage of fresh graduates and caused the hard-earned degree of many students to go down the drain.

The pandemic, which has been going on since the past two years, has resulted in an increased number of unemployed youths. The unemployment rate, which was less than 5% before this pandemic took over the country, is now at 35%.

The collateral damage on the job market is largely due to this deadly pandemic that has been plaguing India for more than two years now.

The Impact of Covid Lockdowns on the Job Market and freshers in India

India is in the midst of a hiring spree. Freshers are being recruited even in the face of rising unemployment. This is because companies are looking for people who can take on tasks that require adaptability and resilience. The recent Covid lockdown has made fresh graduates rethink their career choices.

The recent Covid lockdown has had a severe impact on the job market and freshers in India due to it’s recent announcement, violating confidentiality laws and not receiving any prior approval from the government.

The lockdown was lifted and the situation is now under control, and people who had been feeling helpless can finally breathe easy.

The impact of these lockdowns on the job market and freshers in India has been quite significant. There are more jobs available now as a result of this, as some companies were forced to either shut down or work at half capacity due to the shortage of manpower during this time.

The Covid Lockdowns in India have had an effect on the job market for freshers. This has been evident from the drastic increase in employments for freshers after the lockdown, especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

How can Freshers in India utilize time during a pandemic lockdown?

Since there is no way to know when the next pandemic lockdown will happen, it is important that freshers in India start preparing for it now.

Some freshers may worry about how they can utilize their time during a lockdown. The key to this is to make sure you are building up your skills and investing in your LinkedIn portfolio or resume. Here are some things that you should start doing to prepare for any potential future pandemic lockdown:

Since there is no way to know when the next pandemic lockdown will happen, it is important that freshers in India start preparing for it now.

Some freshers may worry about how they can utilize their time during a lockdown. The key to this is to make sure you are building up your skills and investing in your LinkedIn portfolio or resume. Here are some things that you should start doing to prepare for any potential future pandemic lockdown:

– Update your resume to include all of your skills 

The resume is the one document that summarizes everything you’ve done in your career. It’s important to be aware of how it can affect your opportunities for future employment.

One way to update your resume is by including all of your skills. You can include them under one skill section called “Skills” or create a separate list of skills at the end of the resume, but make sure they’re numbered and easy to find. You should also take care to include any technical skills or certifications, as well as any relevant volunteer experience, if applicable.

It’s also important to keep in mind that recent trends are leaning towards visual resumes instead of traditional text-based resumes. This means including relevant photos and graphics throughout the document to break up monotony and intrigue employers into reading more about your profile.

– Create a LinkedIn portfolio 

As a professional, LinkedIn is where you’ll find your most updated information about you. It helps you stay connected with the people that matter most to you. It is also a great place for hiring managers to find talent for their companies.

Therefore, it’s important to have an updated LinkedIn profile so that the world can see who you are and what makes you special.

A great way to show off your skills is by creating a portfolio on LinkedIn so that anyone who might be interested in working with you can see it!

This portfolio could contain projects that are relevant to what they are looking for as well as testimonials from others. It’s just another way of showing potential employers or clients that you’re serious about your work!

– Build connections with industry experts 

There are a number of ways to make connections with industry experts. Some might use social media, others might find experts at conferences, and still others might find them through their own personal networks. But connecting with industry experts can be a daunting challenge and it can be hard to know where to start.

One way is to use LinkedIn’s Advanced search function and input what you’re looking for, such as “experts in artificial intelligence.” LinkedIn will then give you a list of professionals who fit that description. From there, you can look at the person’s profile and see if they seem like someone you’d like to connect with or if their expertise matches your needs. You can also use this Advanced Search feature to find people by company, title, school attended, skillset or any other

– Start learning new skills like creative writing, data analytics, and digital marketing 

This is where online courses come in. They are an excellent way to make your resume more appealing and to learn new skills for the future.

There are many courses on Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc. that cover a wide range of topics from creative writing to data analytics and digital marketing.

Creative writing can be used to generate content for different purposes. It can be something as simple as using fiction to create content marketing pieces or it can be something more complex like using poetry to produce videos.

Digital marketing is an essential skill in today’s world that can provide a variety of opportunities. 

Data analytics is also an important skill that many organizations are now looking for in their employees.

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