What can you do with your mechanical engineering degree?

What can you do with your mechanical engineering degree?

Recently, we found out that many people were asking questions about how to get a job after B.Tech in mechanical engineering? What are career opportunities one has after doing B.Tech in mechanical engineering? Yes, we understand that the situation of mechanical engineers are not really great. Even after completing your B.Tech from top colleges like IITs and NITs, its not easy to get a job in campus placement. But let’s not lose the hope because there are various fields in which you can work and make your future after finishing your degree in mechanical engineering:

1. Apply for jobs:

If you did not get a job in campus placement, apply for jobs off-campus. Get access your LinkedIn account and make sure that your profile is approachable to recruiters. Follow companies that are recruiting. Apply to them. It goes right, you can get your dream job. You can even register to job portals like Freshersworld. Many government jobs posted on our portal are open to all branches or core branches.

2 .Prepare for GATE/GRE:

If you always wanted to get a government job, then this is the time to prepare for GATE.  August is the best time to start preparing for GATE, if you are in your final year. Otherwise, it’s always better to start from any time. Clear your concepts. Practice numerical. PRACTICE PRACTICE and PRACTICE!!! With a good GATE score you can get a job in PSUs.

Or you can prepare for GATE and GRE for higher studies. Higher studies is also a really good choice. It will give you deep knowledge of your subject. Once you’ll become expert in that subject there will be many companies which will love to hire you.

3. Prepare for IES:

Is your family too wants you to become IAS or IPS?? Well, if you too want to have power and also work in your field then IES is the option. Prepare for IES, Join coaching again you’ll have to work hard. And once you’ll become IES, Life will become a lot easier and stable.

4. Enhance your skills:

Another thing which can be done in order to get a good job in future is that to join a training or enhance your skills by joining some sort of course. Like Matlab is very used in mechanical engineering. You can do course learn it. These small trainings and courses will always help to improve your CV and make your application different from others.

5. Go for MBA:

If your dream is to become a manager. Then you can prepare for CAT/GMAT. Doing MBA from tier 1 and tier 2 colleges will help you to land a really good job in future.  To prepare for CAT, improve your aptitude and English. In GRE/ GMAT English is more important.

6. Cool jobs:

Want to do something not related to technical stuff or managerial work. There are quite a many options to go for cool jobs after B.tech. For example Chef, SEO, or Food taster.

In the end I would choose select according to your choice and work really hard to achieve your goals. Jus by working hard right now can get you the job you always wanted and will help you to build your future.

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