Is Marketing the Right Job For You?

Marketing is an art in which you put your idea to improve your company’s profile and increase the sales of your company. You make strategies in this field, you can relate it to the advertising too. Advertising is also a type of marketing in which you advertise your product to the market. Marketing is of so many types, it’s not only related to corporate marketing, there are various marketing fields too. Such as:

1. Corporate Marketing:

Corporate marketing or branding is the way by which an organization attracts potential customers through various strategies such as advertising, message, campaigns, etc. These strategies help them to increase their brand value and help them to thrive in the market.

2. Social media marketing:

If you are buff in social media, this is the work you can do for a living. This is fun and you can see the results yourself by getting more traffic to your website through Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn etc.

3. SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management):

SEO/SEM is a really good profile to start your career. If you want to work in a technical background but don’t want to code and all. So this is the profile for you. You will be curating the website and will be trying to help to increase your page rank, traffic, and engagement on the search Engines.

How to get a job in the Marketing Field?

There many other forms of marketing which are subtle and work in the back-end such as mailers, newsletters, articles in newspaper and magazines, UI development, graphic designing, etc. Anything which helps to reach out to potential customers is called marketing. Starting your career with marketing can be a kick start to your future. Before starting your career in marketing you should know the following things:

1.Understand Consumer Psychology:

Understanding consumer psychology is not a very easy task. You can never know which idea will work on your consumer and which not. So for that research and study of your potential market is done. Sometimes trial and error strategy can also be applied if your product is completely new in the market.

2.Social marketing:

Social marketing, such as you work for a social cause or you show emotions in your ad, and you connect to your brand. That will create a really good image of your brand and will publicize your product. 

Remember Surf Excel advertisement “Daag achche hain”.


Before going into marketing, you should understand how sales is done. That will help you to understand the psychology of your consumer and will give you a better understanding of the product.

4.Watch all the ads carefully, how they are affecting consumer behaviour

Watch all the advertisement carefully and try to understand how that ad is helping them to change a customer’s behavior. And make them use their product or service.

5.Read case studies:

Case studies help you to understand the market and how you can tackle a specific type of problem. It will give you ideas. It will tell you which idea can be successful and make a brand like Coca-Cola and which strategy was proved to be wrong and can make the brand to hit bottom.

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