Ways to improve recruitment process

Few difficulties interviewers face while recruiting new people:

They are:

  • What if the candidate lied?
  • What if the reference lied?
  • What if they aren’t as competent as you assume?
  • The introvert or extravert character seemed cool at the interview, but what if it’s too much for the office environment?
  • What if there was a great candidate who was just shy, so you failed to recognize their potential?
  • What if you fail to ask the right questions?


There are some tips on how to improve the hiring process.

Come up with proper JD:

Recruiter should provide proper information about the requirements of the job and the skills that are required for the position. If you come up with less info about the job, then there are chances that you will be overloaded with applications which are not even worth taking a look at. In case you come with too many candidates then there are chances that you will be missing out on deserving and good candidates. Therefore, you should do a proper resume or CV search as per your job description, and pick the right candidate.


Asking the right questions in an interview:

Ask the right questions in an interview and determine a list of job interview questions in advance which allows comparisons of applicants across interviews. When you are taking an interview it becomes very essential that you select the right questions for the candidates to figure out how talented they are. And like this you don’t waste anybody’s time.


Pay attention to your reviews.

Recruiters should pay attention to reviews given by former employees. Candidates are probably going to websites to find salary estimates and reviews of your company. If you have a lot of negative reviews from former employees, it may be time to work on your company culture before you try to fill any open positions. Doing so can improve employee retention and lead to more positive reviews that will attract quality candidates.


Make jobs discoverable on Google Search:

Google launched Job Search to help employers better showcase job opportunities in search. You can do free job posting on google which will help you find the right. Making your open positions discoverable where people are searching is an important part of attracting the best talent. If you use hire to post a job, the app automatically formats your public job posting so it is discoverable by job seekers in Google search.  You can also check for fresher database from other websites.


Keep up with the latest tech trends:

Most people want to work for companies that keep up with the latest tech trends. You should use public social media and free job posting sites for candidate research. The candidate’s social media profiles can offer more details about the individual as a person and an employee, for better or for worse.


Jot down the key elements:

Recruiters would have to create a score card as there would be many candidates who would apply for the job.  You should score your candidates based on the educational qualifications, certificates they have, candidate experience, training and work expertise he possesses. The standard should be equal for everybody and it will help you in avoiding the biasness as well.


Making your job offer:

Check with candidates on what their expected salary is. This can change, depending on other offers they’re looking at. When it comes time to make your offer, send a great job offer letter template that explains everything that you’re offering, including paid time off and any perks or allowances for equipment, etc.




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