Why are you looking for a job change? – Interview Tips, Impressive answers, Skills to crack Interview

This is a trap question many hiring managers love to ask. They are usually trying to lure you into saying negative things about your current role. This question is being asked to streamline the recruitment process and to have great visibility of hiring you. So if this question is asked smile and stick to nothing but positive answers. Never say anything negative even if they press you on the point or try to guide you that way.

Adjust these sample responses to your own specific situation –

Say something nice about your current job. It is best to be positive and reassure the employer that you are not leaving to escape being fired or because you are hard to work with.

Here are some possible answers like

 I’ve enjoyed working with a great group of people, but…

 I’ve learned a great deal in my current job, but…

 It’s been a great experience, but… Then, say something nice about this opportunity and/or employer. As appropriate for you and your situation, the second part of your response could include one of these statements:

 This opportunity is very interesting to me, and fits very well with the direction I want to take my career.

 I’m interested in working at [name of employer] based on the great things I have learned about this organization.

 Growth is limited in my current employer’s organization because it is relatively small, so I need to look elsewhere, outside of the current organization, and this opportunity looks very interesting to me because…

Add a closing statement that answers the question in a way that reflects well on you. Again, depending on your situation, add your closing:  If the opportunity is “very interesting” or “a logical next step” or “always been a goal” explain why:

 If you referenced your career direction, say something about your longer-term career plans. Always remember, not to use statements like:

 My current boss is very difficult to work for.

 The company is not a good place to work.

 I’m not paid enough in my current job and this job pays so much more.  One of my co-workers takes credit for all my good ideas. Remember interviews are not a time for “true confessions” or your life history in great detail. Your goal is to answer the questions and also to ask questions to find out if this is the right job and employer for you.

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