Recruitment tips for efficient hiring with long-term benefits

Any organisation in the world is dependent on its pillars, the workforce. People working in a company decide the success or failure of the concern.

When employees are so crucial for a company, the HR team of the firm has to be exemplarily skilled and efficient to manage the whole workforce. Recruitment, a vital part of an HR team’s role, is quite a strenuous procedure and needs lot of practice and tricks to be efficient and beneficial.

Recruitment or Hiring is not just a short term process. It has to be given a thought about, in a strategic manner to be favourable for a company.

Recruiters should have simple and easy processes in place along with strategic thought.

Here is a set of such quick recruitment tips for efficient hiring with long-term benefits:

1. Listing out the role & candidate requirements clearly

  • Preparing a clear list of requirements not only keeps the job seekers well communicated about expectations but also ensures that the company’s own goals of recruitment are thoroughly rechecked.
  • This will also help in preparing an effective job posting that can convey the requirement precisely
  • It will help avoiding irrelevant applications too which will save time. A well planned process in place to achieve this will catalyse an effective recruitment accomplishment.

2. Checking for in-house candidates

  • When a vacancy arises in an organisation, checking for aspiring or potential candidates working in the same company willing to take up the role is advisable. This is because it is found that a lot of people stick to a role which is not of their choice due to various reasons and could be more productive when offered an opportunity in the domain of their passion.
  • Companies have begun realizing the importance of this and are seen joining the trend of being sure that they do not miss out on any potential employee in-house before looking for a suitable resource outside.

3. Hiring freshers/entry level candidates wherever/whenever possible

  • Freshers are the most cost effective candidates out in the market. Their experience and exposure could be low but not their energy levels and learning capabilities.
  • Even if a fresher, just out of college has around half technical knowledge of the expected levels, he/she could turn out to be the best possible fresher hire of the year if he/she is selected based on learnability, attitude and desire to achieve and is trained appropriately.
  • Portals like Freshersworld facilitate this cause, keeping entry level (0-4yrs) hiring as the main entity because it is a very important stage for both the candidates and the companies.
  • Fresh talents have better clutching power to contemporary tech and could be the future board members of any company if moulded in the right way. The only challenge out here is that they need sufficient time and guiding resource to brace. This works only if the organisation’s employment goal is long term. In-case the goal is short term, altering the goal could be essential.

4. Understanding candidate’s desire & ability to learn new things

  • Though it sounds very obvious that hiring candidates should be considerably based on their interest & desire to learn new things, not everyone who interviews considers it important.
  • Techno-environment is changing rapidly in today’s world and digital arenas are advancing to unexpected levels of technical peaks. Thus, adaptability and curiosity to take hold of contemporary tech should be considered an important characteristic in a candidate.

5. Keeping compensation packages competitive

  • It is important not to get carried away by the existing – “more supply & less demand” market conditions and keeping compensation offers below standards for employees. It is expected to take a toll on brands in the long run before it is realized and rectified. Thus, keeping compensation packages on par with market conditions or above is worth a practice in general.
  • Attrition rates are also ought to be low in this case.

6. Performing employer branding

  • It is found in a recent study that employer branding is a long term strategy for efficient recruitment. Employer branding turns out to be a blessing angel for companies in the long run as the brand is perceived to be a dream destination for most aspiring job seekers.
  • Any opportunity (like PR, recruitment drive, internship offers, employee review platforms, etc.) for a firm to brand itself as a good employer should not be neglected, to hire right candidates with great ease in future.
  • Most of the employer branding is carried out through word of mouth. A simple tip to initiate this is to keep employees’ satisfaction levels high. Rest is assured to be taken care of by them.

Any employer continuously seeks to improve the tactical steps involved in hiring to make it a strategically productive process. These recruitment tips could benefit an organisation by increasing efficiency and resorting to better approaches in hiring, perhaps in the long run.

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