Predefined Module by Techniche’15

As the countdown begins, an endless stream of activity ripples the face of Techniche’15. This year Techniche gives you a wonderful time converting your boring subjects into something awesome. The Predefined module manifests itself with a quintessential platform for young innovators and learners. This module consists of events where your pre-preparations majorly decide the outcome.

With the problem statements given way in advance, it provides the participants with enough time to research and discuss to come up with the best possible solution. It lets each participant face challenges, learn and have their own experience while going from the problem to its solution for we at Techniche believe that “It’s not about the destination but the journey to it.”

From exploring the cosmos to solving real life issues and problems, Predefined has it all. Be a part of it to experience it. This year the Predefined Module brings to you 8 heart thrilling competitions which will leave you thirsty for more.

1) What If! (All): A hypothetical situation-based event tailor made for astronomy + science-fiction enthusiasts. You will be given situations where you are to bend the laws of physics to your will.

2) The Green Paradigm (All): This event focuses on designing a city infrastructure considering only four elements: factories, trees, human beings and animals. It aims in creating the least populated city possible for a given area and a number of elements specified at onsite examination.

3) Code of Faith (CSE Dept.): Ever been intrigued by the power of synchronous work? Well either way, this event is the one for you not only to showcase your ability to code algorithmically but also how as a team you work and coordinate.

4) Elec-Trade (EEE/ECE Dept.): Monopoly of Electronics. This is a unique competition where building circuits isn’t just about connecting the dots, but about bringing out the thriving entrepreneur in you.

5) Velocitas Eradico (EEE/ECE Dept.): The target of the event is to ultimately construct a futuristic Gauss gun or a coil gun in simple terms, a gun that implements electromagnetic forces.

6) Cryptophobia (CSE Dept.): Talk is cheap, Give me the code. Cryptophobia brings a stage for all the cryptographers who love to decipher the great puzzles.

7) Easel (Civil Dept.): We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Easel encourages you to use all your engineering skills and bring to life a bridge, your own design, your own marvel! Solve a real life problem by designing a bridge with the details in the already released problem statement.

8) Cantilever Design: This year Techniche provides the brightest minds of country the best platform to showcase their talent in designing and applied mechanics. This is an event where teams are required to build a structure using straws and masking tape that cantilever or extends a maximum distance beyond the top edge of table.

The Predefined Module boasts an impressive array of sponsors, with a total prize money of 2 lakhs. We suggest you to stop reading the article, and get started with your work. Welcome to the Predefined Module of Techniche. Where we define the rules, and you rule the definitions.

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