Festember’15 by NIT Trichy

College and a hectic schedule have always been an excuse for students to have fun. Festember, the cultural festival of NIT Trichy is such a perfect excuse. A 4 days fest filled to the brim with exciting activities and even more enticing rewards, Festember is the highlight of the month of September.
Ever since its inception in 1975, Festember has grown exponentially and has all the hallmarks of an enjoyable fest. Music, dance, food, arts, celebrities, literary events, quizzes, workshops and music concerts. What more could one ask for? With the likes of Candice Redding, Benny Dayal, Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, Shakthishree Gopalan, Agam, Javed Ali, Suraj Jagan, and so many more having performed at Festember, a certain reputation has been associated with the fest. Every year people look forward to better performances, better events and better food. The crowd never disappoints with their enthusiasm and they just add fuel to the flame.
Carnatic music aficionados have appreciated the soothing music of Punya Srinivas and Karthick Iyer as well as the hard core metal carnatic music of Agam and Avial. From the EDM music of Candice Redding of Sunburn, Goa to the Bollywood tunes of Vishal-Shekhar, Festember is a fest for everyone.
Workshops and Informals another highlight of Festember introduces to its participants new activities like parkour, glass blowing, pottery, ultimate frisbee, different dance forms for singles and couples, and much more.
Music and dance competitions for everyone along with many literary events and quizzes attract people in droves. The high standards and prizes make it one of the sought after competitions. Apart from this photography and filmmaking contests are also a part of Festember.
With copious amounts of merrymaking, all those who attend Festember attest to its dedication towards making sure everyone has a good time.
Festember is indeed a fest to never be forgotten.

For further details,

Website: https://festember.com/15/home/


1) Christine Varkey
Ph: 9566988843

2) Shashank Sk
Ph: 9791422829

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