How to Show Your Personality In a Job Interview

What is the best way to show your personality during an important interview? You need to start by relaxing and being yourself. But if that sounds not possible by you, here are a couple of tips that should help you show your beautiful personality –

  • Come prepared. By coming into the interview feeling calm and prepared, you will be able to focus on letting your personality have the best of you. By being prepared, you are also being calm and collected. Practice answering common interview questions beforehand. Find a friend or a colleague who’s willing to act as an interviewer and narrate the questions to you, so that you can practice answering them out. Also, try considering some relaxation techniques like deep breathing right before the interview. Coming to the interview relaxed will surely help you feel at ease!
  • Friendly handshake and a warm smile. You have to know that first impressions are extremely crucial, so you need to start putting out your confidence right away. Make eye contact, give a firm handshake and a smile when you meet the interviewer, and voila, 20 percent of your job is done. Managers want to hire people they’ll have fun working with, so show that you are approachable.
  • Be aware of your visual communication with the interviewer. After the initial greeting, you would like to still appear confident. Posture is vital so don’t slouch. Stand or stay up straight and check out to avoid any nervous habits (tapping your foot, biting your nails, etc.) that would cause you to appear nervous and unprepared. It’s also an honest idea to avoid crossing your arms, as this causes you to look unapproachable. Staying calm and still with good posture may be a good way to demonstrate your confidence and approachability.
  • Don’t enter the meeting looking to deliver a standup routine, but also do not be afraid to point out your sense of humor. But avoid sarcasm, bad remarks, or wrong jokes – this is not the time to point out just how witty you are. Just be friendly, witty, and personable, but don’t get too distant from who you are. 
  • Give specific examples from your past experiences while answering questions. This may not only offer you an opportunity to support your answers with examples, but it’ll give the interviewer a way of how your personality has helped you achieve success in the past. for instance, describing a selected time once you successfully led a team project will demonstrate your confidence and leadership in quite a hypothetical situation.
  • Avoid negativity. When answering questions, don’t linger over your negative experiences. for instance, if the interviewer asked why you left your most up-to-date position, don’t linger over what you disliked about your previous job or blurt what proportion you hated your boss. Instead, mention the positive experiences you had, and discuss how you’ll help this company. Stay focused on what excites you about the work at hand.
  • Keep in mind that interviewers want to ascertain the importance of you and the way you react to struggling. By remaining honest but polite, and by appearing composed during the meeting, you’ll highlight your strengths and skill to figure well as a part of a team, even in trying situations.
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