Why Freshersworld is the Job portal to look up to for easy entry level hiring?

The job market is filled with clutter on both sides i.e., employers and job seekers. Employers are facing the toughest challenge of breaking the clutter and zeroing-in on eligible candidates. The situation is getting tougher day-by-day as more professionals are adding on to the list of job hunters. Freshersworld.com comes into picture here to make recruiters’ lives easy for all entry level hiring needs.

Lakhs of freshers are out in the market every academic year whereas suitable market requirement is a mere 5-10% of the numbers. Is there even a doubt in these figures piling up challenges for companies in recruitment? No, obviously not.

It gets harder with an over filled market of online job portals that pose complexities if used inappropriately.

Here’s a simple solution!

Job portals that cater to a niche market are always advantageous. Find out how!

Let us consider Freshersworld.com:

Freshersworld is the only major digital fresher pool in the country. It encapsulates a whopping 1crore+ candidate base for all entry level hiring. Thus any company looking for freshers can look up to Freshersworld alone as a solution.

Freshersworld has grown over the years to be a strong destination for entry level hiring of graduates (0-4yrs experienced). This is the most happening category of job seekers as there is a constant search on either side in terms of job vacancies.

So how can Freshersworld benefit you?

All said and done, does it not make sense to look for cakes in a cake shop than in a supermarket? Similarly, freshersworld would be the best platform for all your entry level hiring which warehouses major numbers of freshers & entry level candidates when compared to the other portals.

To facilitate companies that take up entry level hiring, freshersworld has its wings spread in all recruitment solutions possible to address any requirement. Following are the solutions that freshersworld specializes in:

Free Job Posting: Job posting is absolutely free! This can be the best trial of Freshersworld’s products. Through free job posting, recruiters can reach out to 5 most relevant profiles based on the required skillsets and experience. Thus, through Free job posting, HRs can reach out to the candidates through call/SMS/emails to fix an interview to go ahead in the recruitment process. Post a Job Now!

Hot Job Posting: Offers instant access to 100 hot relevant profiles based on RPE (Relevant Profile Extraction) technology. This is a paid job posting which allows better and easier profile finding. There are 3 Hot Job Posting packages for entry level hiring to select from, depending on the requirement: HOT1, HOT5 and HOT10. For further details, see Hot Job posting packages for entry level hiring

Resume Database Packages: Often recruiters have multiple vacancies and continuous requirement of various positions to be filled. Over and above posting jobs, HRs need databases of job seekers to reach out to, on a bigger scale. Recruiters get access to best job-seeker profile databases at Freshersworld through these packages. Resume search packages are also available in 3 flexible sets: Jump Starter, Economy and Prudent. These job-seeker databases are in high demand among recruiters, HRs, training institutes and recruitment/staffing agencies. Check out Resume Database Packages

The above mentioned offerings are basic essentials in any recruitment process. Freshersworld offers a plethora of custom packages to suit various unique entry level hiring requirements. Further information on the much sought after customized or specialized recruitment products/services that many companies are benefited through, will follow in a write-up soon.

Use Freshersworld’s recruitment products & services for all your entry level hiring.

Do not forget to share any of your success stories with us and how freshersworld’s products benefited you in your recruitment processes under comments section.

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  • March 26, 2018 at 6:39 am

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