A transformation from a Recruiter to an HR Leader

A career in the HR domain is a very potential and highly sought after option. When candidates from colleges join HR departments as entrants in the field, it all begins with just basic recruitment processes. But, soon the profile transforms into multitasking on HR related tasks. This translates into accomplishing monotonous process-dominant innovative methods in a short time and smartness in handling such methods in a way to prove oneself as an “HR Leader Material”.

HR Generalists have to often be experts at multitasking to carry out the wide arena of tasks in Human resources like.. requirement gathering, resume shortlisting, interview scheduling, document screening, onboarding, policy making, workspace planning, training & development, employee relations, performance tracking and compensation management. To become an HR leader, all the way from being in a recruiter level is not a tough mission if the attitude of going an extra mile is nurtured as a basic motive.

Following are some tips that might help you reach an HR Leader position in a short span of time:

Think the Entrepreneur way: Entrepreneurship quality will help any individual irrespective of the domain. This mindset will bring in the necessity to address any requirement from different angles such as need, cost, innovation and risks. Instead of following a standard methodology, use of risk-averse innovative techniques will open up new ways and better practices facilitated by methodical improvements. This is the fastest way to accomplish one’s dreams of becoming an HR Leader.

Try hands on different roles: Exposure to various roles (within HR) will prove to be highly productive. Various positions will give a robust idea about the whole HR team’s structure & functioning. This would also help in finding one’s best fitting expertise. In fact, roles in different companies that are in diverse domains could give an understanding of what variations each company could have. It will also deliver an understanding of what is expected out of an HR Leader, based on the company’s domain of working. Turnover / compensation / work culture / policies certainly vary significantly between companies in completely different domains.

Establish a good work culture: Work culture is a crucial entity involved in employee productiveness. HRs play a very important role in the formation of good work culture. Promoting free knowledge sharing and positive relationships at work places is essential to instill a desirable work culture. Any HR Leader’s primary list of goals would include this. When a substantial role is taken up by HRs to implant such an environment, there is an evident impression and mark made amongst the colleagues and management, emphasizing work integrity.

Transformation to a HR Leader

Adapt to new technologies: Technology works to be the most vital part of decisions. Being updated with knowledge in technical advancement and appreciative of technology that changes processes beyond imagination is desirable. This is what is needed for people to differentiate themselves within the fraternity to be recognized as an upcoming HR Leader. This will add value to individual working and help in solving problems by the use of technology and easing out team’s work with viable automation.

Build and maintain a good network: Building a network and maintaining a consistent rapport with everyone is not a cakewalk. However, developing a big network is a huge asset that will help immensely in various situations. Any assignment could be accomplished in comfort when networks are tapped, provided that they are at your disposal. This will fetch a trustworthy name among colleagues and team managers and in the long run, help to be perceived as an HR leader.

Nurture an approachable environment: Subordinates or managers or colleagues should generally feel comfortable approaching the HR People. There could be various instances when an HR Leader is needed for support or insights. Being approachable will be a great thing as interactions would increase and various pain points would come to the limelight. One could absorb a lot of experience in the process of solving such pain points. This experience will contribute towards HR leadership qualities.

To transform into a seasoned HR Leader is a gradual process and is certainly an aspiration of all HR executives. This can be accomplished with a proper mentorship and self determination to follow disciplined processes, keeping in mind, the above mentioned tips.

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