Do’s and Don’ts for Fresher Graduates

Everyone requires a job. But there are a couple of things that you can and cannot do while you are looking for a job.

We’ve compiled a list of do and dont’s while you’re job hunting – 


Tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying for:  A generic resume is out of style. Keep them brief and to the point, highlighting as to why you’re a good match for the role. Clear and direct applications are more likely to be appreciated by hiring personnel.

Include work experience on your resume:  The purpose of a resume is to quickly communicate your qualifications for a job. As for a fresher graduate, the more experience you got, the more value you’ve got when you look out for jobs.

Research about the company before going for the interview: Check whether the company is really worth your time and think about how you could contribute to their success. If you can’t see your future, drop the interview. But if you think this is the right fit for you, then go for it. As always, if you do your research, you can easily answer their questions.

Master your basic etiquette:  Show up on time, dress right, prepare before meetings, finish your work before deadline, collaborate with people during issues, communicate if you do not understand something. These may seem basic, but if you’ve mastered these skills, you’re winning in life.

Stay confident but humble: Employers need to see a person who is confident in their skills and abilities. However, employers also want to see a willingness to learn and grow. Both traits go hand in hand, so watch out. 


Don’t over-rely on just one acquaintance or job opening: Use a good, well-networked online portal to expand your chances. We cannot afford to put all our trust in relatives or acquaintances just yet.

Don’t disregard your personal networks such as family, friends and college peers: Their recommendations can help you get noticed and pass the early stage of your job hunt. If you don’t have great contacts by the time you graduate, try joining a networking event or seminars.

Don’t make discriminatory remarks in your application and interview: This can happen especially if you’re trying to get comfortable. Even an honest attempt at some humor to build rapport is a risk that could flag you with possible co-worker conflicts, so be mindful.

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