8 Tips to Clear J.A.M. In An Interview

Just A Minute, generally referred to as the JAM session, means the candidate has to speak out on the given topic within one minute time. In some interviews, the candidate can choose his/ her own topic or the interviewer will pose a topic to speak. Generally, the JAM session is conducted to test the fluency of English. It plays a key role in the selection process. Much preparation will not be required for JAM, as long as you read the newspaper daily and also trying to make conversation with your friends only in English.

These points are important for you to crack JAM –

General knowledge 

General knowledge is very important to know because the interviewers might make topics related to the country so you need to watch out and make sure that you are up to date with the daily news. A newspaper is one source where you can gather good knowledge of the world.

Flow of speech

Without fluency in the English language, it is hard for one to rack JAM. If your pronunciation and fluency are less, try to stand in front of the mirror, record yourself and practice every day. Within some days you will improve and you will be good to go!


You need to have a sense of confidence, that many people lack these days. You should be confident about what you speak and ultimately, that will decide whether the interviewer will take you in or not. A confident person is someone who can lead a team without any difficulties.

Time management 

The JAM ends in a minute. As the word suggests, you should be able to cover as much as knowledge in 1 minute so you need to make sure you do it the right way with a well managed time. Try to practice beforehand. This is the trick.

Your thoughts are important

Your thoughts matter. A good HR recruiter can figure out whether you are a positive kind of person or a negative kind of person by looking at what you say and your speech. So, when you speak, make sure that the words you talk about make good sense and you will ace it in a minute, no doubt!


Always smile when you speak,  unless something is really serious. It shows a sense of confidence and makes the other interviewers feel like you are a well-mannered person. 

Begin with thanking word

Before starting the JAM session, thank your interviewers or judges since they gave you an opportunity to be there on the podium or in the same room as them. It shows that you are coming from a good background.

Speak out with a clear voice

When you speak, have your enunciations right. Make sure that you speak with a middle tone voice and at an average speed so that they understand each word you say. A person who speaks fast wont be understood by the panel. So watch out on this one.

Try all the above-mentioned steps and we are sure you can clear it in the first shot itself.

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