Data Scientist and Data Analyst Jobs in India for a fresher in 2021

Introduction: What is Data Science and Data Analytics?

With the help of data, businesses can make more informed decisions. Data science is the act of using data to make predictions about future outcomes. Data analytics is the process of analyzing data to extract knowledge and insights that can be used by decision makers.

Data Science is a relatively new field of science and engineering which uses the data to derive insights. Data Analyst and Data Scientists analyze and visualize the data sets in order to create insights. Data Analytics is a subset of Data Science where analysts use analytical techniques like statistical methods, machine learning, visualization, social network analysis, etc.

Data Science is the field of science that deals with the creation, collection, organization, analysis, and use of data. Data analytics is a sub-field of data science which is concerned with extracting information from data sets.

Data analytics are used in many areas such as marketing, finance, healthcare, social media marketing and so on. One area that has seen a lot of traction in recent times is machine learning which uses algorithms to process vast amounts of data to enable predictive modeling which can determine risk or forecast trends. 


How to Get Started With Data Science and Data Analysis in 2021?

It is no secret that data science is exploding in popularity, but it can be challenging to get started. It can feel like a daunting experience with so many different skillsets to learn. Here are some tips to help you get started in this field.

You should begin by learning about the various skillsets in data science before diving into the topics that you’re most interested in. Data scientists need to understand statistics, mathematics, machine learning, computer programming, and more. Data analysis is not just for understanding what your customers want; it has many other uses as well.

Data Science has been the flavor of the month in recent years. Companies are investing in it to get ahead of their competitors. Data analysis is one of the most important aspects of Data Science. It’s not only about providing insights into what your customers want or what you should do next, it’s also about improving your business strategy by making predictions on customer behavior and patterns.


How are Data Scientists & Data Analysts Different?

Data scientists and data analysts are both crucial to the process of analyzing data. But, what are the key differences between these two?

The difference between a data scientist and a data analyst is that the former often works independently while the latter often works in collaboration with other people.

Data scientists are more concerned with how the data will affect society. For them, it all comes down to making predictions about what will happen in the future. They work with complex algorithms that can predict everything from climate change to financial crashes.

Data analytics is one of the most essential skillsets for data scientists and analysts. They analyze and assess the trends of an organization’s data to get insights into its present state and future potential. This helps them build predictive models that can help organizations make better decisions.

Data analytics enables companies to connect their strategic objectives with their operational performance, enabling them to execute on their plans more efficiently and effectively, which makes it imperative for companies to have a strong analytics team (data scientists and analysts).

Data analysts on the other hand focus on collecting and interpreting data sets through various sources. They also analyze diverse sets of information that have different types of variables that have been linked together by using charts or graphs.


Overview of the Data Science & Analytics Job Market for freshers in India in 2021

The data science and analytics job market in India will grow to be large enough in the coming years. It is expected to grow by over 75% in the next five years.

The top 6 skill sets for both these roles are machine learning, statistics, computer programming languages, R programming language, Python, SQL database management system (DBMS), and business intelligence.

In 2021, the data science and analytics job market is expected to grow by 12.5% and reach $10 billion.

The major growth of the data science and analytics job market has been driven by organizations that require a large amount of data analysis. Many organizations and companies choose to outsource this work as they cannot afford to retain a dedicated team on-site.

The top employers for those who want to work in the field of Data Science & Analytics are Startup Enterprises, Banks, Insurance providers, Financial institutions etc.

What are the Best Resources for Learning About Data Science and Data Analytics in India in 2021?

There are many challenges that businesses face in building or redefining their digital strategy. Data analytics is one of them. There has been an increasing demand for data scientists and analysts all across the world, which has culminated into a growing field of careers.

There are many courses offered by different universities in India to help individuals learn about data science and data analytics. Some of the top universities to study this field are IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta etc.

The best resources for learning about data science and data analytics in India in 2021 are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by some reputed universities such as IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay etc.

How to Choose Which Course Fits Your Career Aspirations as a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst?

Data scientists and data analysts are in demand today, but the path to becoming one may not be immediately clear.

A data scientist is someone who can process data and extract insights that lead to new discoveries. Data analysts are usually more hands-on with their data collection, whereas data scientists have a more theoretical approach to the field.

Data analysts use statistical software tools like R and Excel to analyze data sets while data scientists rely on machine learning algorithms and neural networks.

It’s important to choose the right education for your career aspirations so you don’t have to change careers later on.

Conclusion: The Future of Data Analytics jobs and Data Science jobs for freshers in India 

Many companies are now shifting their focus away from traditional analytics jobs towards data science jobs with big employers like Amazon and Google already declaring that they will be looking for Data Scientists in the coming years. As more and more companies are hiring data scientists, it becomes easier for freshers to get their first job. 

Data Analytics jobs are the most popular choice for freshers in India. As per a survey conducted by Monster India, out of the 70,000 who have applied for analytics related jobs only 30% were able to get a job and of that only 20% got a job at their level of experience.

The new data science jobs in the market are highly sought after and they offer career possibilities that data analysts cannot provide. Data Science is an emerging field with big opportunities and new skills that require it.

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