Skills to be Acquired by Freshers in India in 2021

Introduction: The Skills of the Future in India for Freshers

India is one of the most populous countries in the world with a population exceeding 1.3 billion people. India’s rapid economic growth has made it an emerging market for investors, which in turn has attracted talent from other countries. The Indian government is making efforts to make it easier for foreign talent to stay in the country and work, while also attracting more global talent to fill in the skills gap in the workforce. As a result, people are increasingly looking at careers in India as an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

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What, Exactly, Are the Skills of the Future for freshers in India?

Skill shortages around the world are an increasing problem. With the rise in automation, the jobs that require less skills are at risk of being replaced with jobs that require more skills.

The demand for skills will change with time. The new skills required will be skills like coding, big data analytics, and IoT engineering etc. But these are future skills and currently there is no need to worry about it.

It’s not just about the skillset you have, it is also about how you use them in the future.

The skills of tomorrow are fast-changing and can be hard to predict. It is important to be aware of what skills are required in the future so that we can get a head start on these skills or upskill ourselves on these new skills.

What are the skills that will be needed for companies in India in the future? How are they different from what is needed today?

The skills of the future are not going to be limited to a specific skill set. Instead, it will be diverse, with more emphasis on self-learning and adaptability to change.

The skills of tomorrow will need adaptability, an open mind for learning new things, and the ability to learn without formal education. Different areas of expertise will benefit from these traits.

Some additional ideas for introduction:

  • In terms of India, what are some of the more sought after jobs?
  • What new industries will need fresher talent?
  • As technology evolves how will it change skilled jobs?

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New Skills That Will Be Required in India in 2021 and 2022

India is a rapidly changing nation with every passing day. What’s more, the jobs market is also changing at a rapid pace; and it’s hard to predict what will be the skills required to get employed in 2021 and 2022. That said, here are some of the skills that will be highly sought after:


Analytics are the future of business. It will be a requirement for professionals to have not just analytical skills but also programming skills. This will be essential to work on the analytics tools that are used in the future of work.

Developing analytics skills is becoming more important as technology advances and businesses demand more data. The job trends for 2022 onwards require professionals to have both analytical and programming skills, which means they need to expand their skill set with technologies like R, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. Programming languages are an important tool that professional need to develop their career further in the future of work.

Big Data and Data Science

There are a lot of jobs in the field of big data and data science. In order to have a successful career in this field, you must have good knowledge on Python, R, SQL, and Hadoop. These skills will be required for future jobs as well.

Big Data is a new field that has emerged with the growth of advanced technologies. Data science is one of the key disciplines in Big Data.

Data science includes predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, data mining and social media analytics. The hottest job of 2020s will be data scientist.

Big Data has the potential to change many industries, including education, health care, finance, marketing and supply chain management.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing has been around for about 10 years now, but it is still an industry that is growing rapidly. More than ever, the ability to handle social media marketing needs to be an integral part of any business strategy.

Digital Marketing refers to creating and promoting products or services over the internet. The skills required in this field are continually evolving and new digital marketing skills will be most in demand in 2022.

Digital marketing is the backbone of any successful business. It’s the process of promoting products or services digitally to create awareness, generate leads, and to sell goods or services. It is a planned, persistent, and integrated marketing strategy that helps buyers find you online.

Social media marketing (SMM) is also an important part of digital marketing. SMM can be used for branding, customer service, lead generation, product promotion etc.

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing and Infrastructure Management has been a topic of discussion for IT professionals in the past few years. With more and more businesses moving to cloud solutions, there is a need for two types of professionals – one, who will help the company adopt cloud solutions and the other, to help them manage it.

In order to get a job in these sectors, you will need to have knowledge about storage platforms such as NetApp, AWS S3 and other Hadoop-based platforms. You should also be aware about how these services work so that you can understand their limitations and can recommend the right solution for the business.

Programming Languages: Python, Ruby on Rails, Java etc.

Programming languages are essential skills for future jobs – they’re one of the key skills that employers will be looking for, and having a good understanding of programming languages will be necessary to get the new jobs.

The next decade is going to bring some major changes in the ways we work. Along with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we will also see a lot of businesses pivot their strategies and adopt new technologies for faster growth.

Programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails and Java are in high demand and in 2022 onwards, these skills will be required for work.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Connecting Devices to Cloud

The IoT is an emerging technology that connects devices to the Cloud. It has created new occupations in the market.

The market will need a range of skills to be ready for the IoT in 2022, when it expands even further. These skills include:

– IOT architecture and development: This skill is needed to design and implement smart software and hardware systems and their interfaces.

– Data security: A lot of sensitive data needs to be protected from unauthorized use or access of these devices.

– Security architecture: This skill is necessary for every company that wants to get on board with IoT technology.

It’s important for all businesses to get on board with this technology, because it will change how we live our lives drastically in 2022 onwards.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing technology and it has become the new way to connect and manage devices. These IoT devices are making whole industries like retail, healthcare and education easier and more efficient.

We should think of IoT as a technology that can help us in our day-to-day lives in a cost effective manner. The three ways through which IoT devices can help us are through remote monitoring, remote control and remote diagnosis.

The Internet of Things is a phenomenon whereby objects can be connected via the internet. By 2020 there will be roughly 75 billion interconnected devices.

It’s predicted that by 2022, the average person will have more than three internet-connected devices in their house. This number could increase to five by 2025.

Quantum Computing – Machine Learning

The job market is changing and we need new skills. Society has seen the rise of the change in jobs and we will see more changes in future. Future jobs will require new skills like quantum computing and machine learning.

Quantum computing is on the edge of transforming our world as we know it. It’s on the verge of revolutionizing everything from research to medicine to finance, and it could change our economy, society, and even the skyrocketing pace at which technology is shaping our lives.

Soft Skills

Forbes has published their list of skills which they predict will be in demand in 2022 and onwards: creativity, emotional intelligence, cooperative and collaborative skills, self-management, leadership, social perceptiveness.

Soft skills are skills that are not the traditional hard skills that are required to be successful in the workplace. They are softer, more interpersonal skills.

Soft skills include things like being able to communicate well, leading a team, being able to work with people who have different styles and personalities, and other such interpersonal things. Soft skills can be taught through educational institutions and programs that specialize in the development of these types of skills.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML)

AI and ML are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different concepts. While AI is about creating algorithms that can mimic human reasoning, ML is about training the computer to recognize patterns in large data sets. These days, AI is all around us and it’s not just for big tech companies. It’s also being used in the healthcare industry for medical diagnosis, law enforcement for crime prediction and data mining, education with virtual learning assistants and more.

Companies need employees who can work with these technologies because most of them won’t be able to survive without them in the future.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more integral in all spheres of life. It has the potential to disrupt many professions including some high-skill jobs, if not properly regulated.

Understanding AI will be a key skill for work in 2022 onwards, according to new research by Huxley. The study polled 2,000 adults about their knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI has been developing rapidly. It is predicted that by 2022, AI will be a new skill required for the job market. In order to stay competitive in the market, it is important to keep up-to-date with these developments.

In particular, there are many jobs emerging because of AI and ML– from data scientists to machine learning engineer. Keep in mind though, that not all jobs can be replaced by AI and ML and in some cases it just speeds up the process.


Blockchain is a technology that provides transparency and prevents data tampering. It is used in the cryptocurrency world, to keep track of transactions.

With blockchain people can keep track of who owns what without relying on a centralized system like banks or governments.

Blockchain could be the future of currency transactions because it will provide stability in the currency markets. It will also reduce fraud or theft that has become rampant in recent years.

There are many opportunities to use blockchain outside the currency world, for example in healthcare, where it can help with medical records management.


The workplace is changing and evolving. By 2022, the jobs demand by employers will be different than what it is today.

With the new skills that are needed for work in 2022 onwards, the workforce will need to adapt to this change in order to continue to thrive in the workplace.

Cybersecurity has been a concern for many companies and their employees over recent years. With security breaches occurring more and more frequently, it has become a top priority for all organizations’ cybersecurity teams to mitigate risks and protect employees from these breaches.

These are some of the skills that are needed for this industry:

-Awareness about social engineering, ransomware, and phishing attacks

-Programming ability with languages like Python, Ruby, Perl

-Ability to monitor networks for intrusion

-Programming skill in JavaScript or PHP

-Understanding of network protocols like TCP/IP

– Knowledge about computer systems and networks

– Ability to identify vulnerabilities in systems and networks

– Expertise in penetration testing and vulnerability management

– Awareness of IT security best practices such as encryption and data protection

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Conclusion: – What is the future of these technological skills for freshers in India?

In an era of Artificial Intelligence, the future prospects of AI skills for freshers in India is very bright. This is because India is a country where the number of engineering colleges and computer science graduates far outstrip the number of IT jobs. However, it does not mean that if you have these skills then you will always get a job at your hands. You have to be prepared to work hard and put in more hours to ensure that you get noticed for your talents.

The prevalence of AI has created a demand for professionals with technical skills on this ever-evolving field. As such, academic institutions are starting to offer courses in this field as well as adapting their curriculums to include these developments.

The future of these technological skills for freshers in India is bright and you should learn it as quick as possible.

The future of these technological skills is bright. While the number of job postings in the IT sector has dropped, IT skills have become more crucial for all sorts of jobs. And with AI taking over more and more tasks, this is only going to increase.

What does this mean for freshers who want to pursue careers in AI? It means that you can still be guaranteed a job if you’re equipped with the right skillset.

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