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Masters of Arts or MA is a postgraduate degree program in Arts stream. Not only universities of India, but even of the foreign nation offer this course. The overall duration of this course is two years which is non-extendable if an individual opts for a regular, full-time MA program. The MA program is attainable in numerous subjects including multiple languages such as English, Hindi, foreign language and more. The entire two years course is taught in 2 semesters, each having certain numbers of papers. One has to certify successful in all papers in order to acquire the Master’s Degree. Besides these papers, there are seminars, lectures, and practical assessment also organized that has to be cleared to gain the level in hand. Students who love studying for a longer period and who want to gain post-graduate specialization in their respective fields can go for this course.

Just like a post-graduate degree in science and commerce, even a Masters of Arts program is extremely beneficial for students. It is because it offers them a strong academic background that can help them to secure a bright future ahead. Achieving such a degree can help them to get hired for prestigious jobs not only in India but even abroad. Successfully completing the MA course also makes one eligible for the doctoral program.

Once completing the MA and Ph.D. in arts, one can then become a researcher and can even work as a head of the department on the desired subject.

The varieties of specialties provided in the Master’s program are:

• Master of Arts in Education

• Masters of Fine Arts

• Master of Arts in Philosophy

• Master of Arts in History

• Master of Arts in Economics

• Masters of Arts in English, Hindi, or any other language

• Master of Arts in Music

• Master of Arts in Archeology

• Master of Arts in Public Administration

• Master of Arts in Psychology, and more.

The candidate who applies for a master’s program must have completed the bachelor’s course in the respective subject, with Honors. Some universities even organize an entrance test to get admission to the MA program. After the exam, the universities may even hold a personal interview and even a group discussion. Once the candidate passes all three stages, he can then get admission to the desired school or college. Some top-ranking universities in India that offer MA degree program are Jawaharlal Nehru University,Assam University, Punjab University, and more. There are also universities such as IGNOU, SCDL, and more that offer correspondence courses in this field.

Individuals possessing a Master of Arts degree can have bright future ahead. They can look for career avenues in numerous areas after securing their degree.Sociology, Journalism, Philosophy, History, English Language, and etc. are the areas in which one can get a job after an MA degree. From teachers to college lecturers, corporate professionals to industry leaders, bank professionals to public administration officials, one can look for multiple opportunities in this field. Here are some top-notch employment areas that students can look up to after completing their MA program:

• Business Consultants

• Administrative Officers

• Finance Managers

• Marketing Managers

• Production managers

• Teachers

• Lecturers

• Development and Research Managers

• Social Worker

• Labor Management Relations Specialist

• Public Administrator

• Economists

• Film Making and Direction

• Music Teacher

• Language Expert and more.

Individuals who successfully achieve a master’s degree in arts can get reputed jobs not only in the private sector, but also in public and government sectors. The remuneration offered to them during their initial job duration is around 20,000 to 25,000 INR. It may also be around 10,000 to 15,000 INR depending on the specialization chosen. But with experience, the remuneration increases to a great extent. For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out the website for more Jobs & Careers.

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