Career Objective in Resume for Fresher Engineers

Engineering is a professional field that applies both practical and technical knowledge to design, build and maintain structures, processes and systems. The field comprises a variety of specialties such as electrical, cse, chemical, civil, mechanical, software and more.

Engineers have good job prospects, opportunities for advancements and competitive pay. One needs a bachelor’s degree in engineering as well as certification or license in the speciality, to become an engineer. However, an engineering career can be both rewarding and challenging.

What do Engineers do?

Engineers are professionals who are responsible for development and innovation of new technologies, products, services, and processes. It is a diverse career with multiple fields to choose from. Engineers apply mathematics and science for problem solving and making new discoveries. While they don’t make discoveries themselves like scientists, they find practical uses for them. They are involved with making valuable innovations that help in the advancement of human tasks and products. Engineers work in a wide range of fields right from architecture to genetics.

For a fresher as well as an experienced individual, a resume is a crucial part of job search. The resume should be relevant to the position being applied for as well as have all the details of your qualifications, skills and interests. One of the foremost features or parts of a resume is the career objective. As that’s the first thing to be noticed in a resume, it needs to capture all aspects of your skills and background, along with your objective to apply for that specific role. Not to forget, it should be short, crispy and catchy!

Why is a career objective important in a resume and what should it include?

As hiring managers have very little time to spend on a resume, it is important to grab their attention in the very first few lines. It is only if they find it interesting that they may read your resume in detail. The career objective section in a resume is basically a concise description of the candidate’s objectives and goals for the job. It should include job expectations along with other details in such a manner that it grabs the attention of the recruiter at a glance. It is generally not more than two or three sentences long.

What should a fresher engineer’s resume objective have?

The career objective of a fresher engineer should talk about the motive for applying for that particular role, the candidate’s achievements summary, skills, academic qualifications and goals. Here’s a list of elements that it should definitely have:

    • Educational background and relevant technical skills.
    • The desire for the position in that organization.
    • The drive to utilize one’s skills and knowledge to contribute to a company’s growth.
    • A commitment to learn continuously and interest in professional development.

Points to consider while writing the career objective

Now that it is clear what a cv objective should have, it is important to understand how to frame one. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind before writing the objective:

Your description

You must provide a sneak-peak into your skills and abilities, along with implying the reason why you are the right for the job. Mention how you can prove to be a valuable asset to the organization and how your ideas can help with the growth of the company.

Research on the company

To understand what the company is looking for, it is very important to carry out due research on the company profile you are applying for. Understanding the best objective of the company as well as their expectations from the role will help you frame your career objective brief for that specific role.

Short, clear & crisp

As your resume is going to include more details anyway, it is important to keep your career objective very crisp. Consider it as a short intro or trailer headlines that should appeal to the recruiter as well as not give away all the information at once and keep them interested to read more.

Keep in mind that your career objective should be unique and relevant to the role you are applying for. Do not exaggerate and keep it simple.

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