Campus Ambassador Program – Season 2

“A study made at Harvard University proved that 85% of your success depends on your attitude and rest 15% on your technical aptitude” 

We spend 90% of our efforts to improve our aptitude; we learn facts, figures, and formulas. But we spend only 10% (and sometimes not even that) to acquire the right attitude which incidentally contributes a more significant part for our success.

This will come as a shock to many, but it is a fact which no one can deny.

Six reasons why technical professionals need leadership skills:

Technical acumen alone is not sufficient.

● Leadership is not just for managers.

● Engineers lead projects.

● Engineers can guide less-experienced peers.

● Engineers need to help their managers business succeed.

● Engineers can influence decision-makers in their organizations.

Just ponder over and think how it feels when you get the required industry exposure being a student?

Feels great, right!! Let’s explore the opportunities.

Being a Job portal, we very well know what companies expect from students. So we decided to reach out to students who really wish to make a difference in their life and we came up with the program called “Campus Ambassador”.

Benefits of joining this programme

* Organize events

* Win Goodies

* Wear the ID card

* Flash your Business cards

* Win the coveted CA certificate


* Participate in the “Big Bash” event at the end of the year. To know more, read about the Big Bash 2011 held in Goa

* Providing Internship opportunities to Campus Ambassadors at

* We also hire brilliant and highly motivated Campus Ambassadors full time.

Many Campus Ambassadors have started their own firms. A Campus Ambassador from Punjab did an internship for 6 months at and now has started his own venture!!! Our Campus Ambassadors have been placed in companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, IBM & others. Our Campus Ambassadors have been selected in the most prestigious higher education institutes including IIMs & Universities abroad.

If you are wondering what this Campus Ambassador Program is all about, click here.

Below are some pics of the events in which FW was a part.

The pic below is of FW team with Campus Ambassadors in the trip to Goa. We had loads of fun and career discussions. Hope you can be one among them in the coming year.

Sounds interesting, right!!!

We feel glad to announce that Campus Ambassador Program – Season 2 is starting from May 1st.

Applications for Campus Ambassador Program will be accepted till June 30th 2011, so hurry!!

Apply for the Campus Ambassador Program and see the change by yourself.

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