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23rd Feb 2011 

Time was ticking and Goa was calling us. Myself and Manu were finalizing the “Work to be done” in Goa.

By 6:00am our bus departed to Goa and we could see Vamsi and Arunabha, our CA’s waving hand to us as they were to join us by next day. Soon the bus left Bangalore and we started discussing about the future of CA program which will be more bigger and exciting.

25th Feb 2011

9:00am, we were in Goa, met some of the friends of Manu, Charlie and Vivek who were equally enchanting. The whole day we were busy of Office work and went to Calangute beach in the evening and I started figuring out about the CA’s, many were already in Goa and rest yet to come.

26th Feb 2011

5:30am , CA’s started calling and we were assisting them in reaching the hotel. By 10:00am, most of the CA’s were in Goa and the fun started, we started taking pics, pics and only pics  J Everyone was keen on knowing each other because for the first time, north CA’s met south CA’s, east met west and central met all the other.
I never thought that this trip will bond the CA’s more than what Fevicol doesJ.  We had a chat with everyone and explained the agenda for the day.

By 1:00pm, we left to Calangute beach with the CA’s who were thrilled and had lot to discuss with each other. Once we hit the beach, they were assisted by Charlie, a Goan who helped us in figuring out the fun part of beach.

The CA’s enjoyed the Jet Ski, Banana ride, Parasailing and Bumper. Everyone was having the fun of their lifetime and there was no stopping to them. Atlast by 6:00pm we came back to the hotel and took some rest. By 8:00pm we hit the conference and had some motivating talks from Manu and other CAs’. After hard core enjoyment, we everyone had a snoring sleep.

27th Feb 2011

8:00am, everyone was at breakfast table after which we again had some talks in conference hall and fun events. Around 4pm, we went to Miramar beach and had some fun events which was refreshing.

Our CEO, joby joined by then and we were out for cruise, whatelse it was disco all over.

9:00m, we were back in hotel for dinner and later on again for a snoring sleep.

In short it was one of the memorable trip for everyone. Thanks for reading this blog, hope you enjoyed.

Thanks to our CEO Joby, Manu and all the CA’s for making this a life time experience.

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