Government job or private job?

Government job or private job? Confused ??

Well this is a very common question among freshers. Whether to go for government or Private Jobs?? There are pros and cons in both the jobs and that’s why it creates such confusion. We have seen that preference of many fresh graduates are government jobs today and reasons being job security, pay and benefits, not work pressure etc. I just want to give you a very clear picture of what is actually going on in government jobs:

1. Job Security:

Job Security in government jobs is obviously greater than the private ones. But it is not like that if you are not working then you will never get fired. But recently it is not true. In fact, following instructions from Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha that called for a review of non-performing officers, the Department of Personnel and Training has already come up with detailed guidelines to deal with non-performers and officers of doubtful integrity. Which means, now, if a government employees is not performing their duties duly, misbehaving and taking work casually, they can no longer hold on to their jobs

2. Salary and other allowances:

At entry level government jobs provide the best salary, after 7th pay commission the minimum salary has increased to Rs. 22,579.That means a general helper is earning this much. So, you can imagine how the pay is there. Yes, pay and allowances is always better in government jobs than private services at every level. But after working for a while the payment you will be getting will be way too less than the one who is at the same position in a private firm.

So you can see the difference. Of course, with private firms things are same. Job security is not there, but your career growth is pretty good. If you are hard working and you love and know your work then, there is nothing which can stop you to achieve your goal.

I am not against any of jobs. My main aim is to give you an actual picture, then accordingly you can choose your path.

All the best to your career.

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