What is marketing & how to get jobs in marketing sector?

What is marketing and how to get jobs in marketing sector?

Marketing is an art in which you put your idea to improve your company’s profile and increase the selling of your company. You make strategies in this field, you can relate it to the advertising too. Advertising is also a type of marketing in which you advertise your product to the market. Marketing are of so many types, it’s not only related to corporate marketing, there are various marketing fields too. Such as:

1. Corporate Marketing:

Corporate marketing or branding is the way by which an organisation attracts the potential customers by various strategies such as advertising, message, campaigns etc. These strategies help them to increase their brand value and help them to thrive in the market.

2. Social media marketing:

If you are a buff in social media, this is the work you can do for living. This is fun and you can see the results yourself by getting more traffic to your website through Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn etc.

3. SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management):

SEO/SEM are really good profiles to start your career. If you want to work in technical background but don’t want to code and all. So this is the profile for you. You will be curating the website and will be trying to help to increase your page rank, traffic and engagement on the search Engines.

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